140830 Beautiful HQ Fantaken Photos of Bom at “YG Family Power Tour Concert in Shanghai” (Batch 5)

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6b85be3ejw1ejx8o7hlxkj21kw17mn6l6b3375d9gw1ejxdfen8xnj21jk1117j464ea45b1gw1ejxb1wltf0j21kw10dwqn 64ea45b1gw1ejxb2hnmn4j21kw2h77wh 69af256cjw1ejx7shgc8sj20tj18g0ye 69af256cjw1ejx7szhzbpj20tj18g12v 69af256cjw1ejx7t4m8r6j20tj18gtk4 5741b53egw1ejwzg9237xj21kw2dcaua 5741b53egw1ejwzgby6lwj21kw2dcx1r

Credit: real_Lainka61 + Iris_CraYonZ + 2NE1吧官方微博 + MyLadies盛开微光的CC姐 + 崔崔锤 + JustTOP_77 + Poka2w + xxxMiroGr + xxx高弘圣一 + LaverryAHY + 菟子控杏仁巧克力 + Leo_Chennnn


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