Stylish 2NE1 for Jyosei Jishin Magazine (with Bom’s Interview Translations)


BxEBMyLCcAELYHp.jpg large

Main vocal

Comfortable crazy sweatshirt.
Bottom absolutely a mini!

Question: What is your source of information about fashion?
Answer: The co-star of my program, the model Lee Sora.

Q: What is your picky fashion point?
A: Sexy and cute super-mini. Having self-confidence.

Q: How can someone to bring near to 2NE1 style?
A: It’s important having always endless self-confidence.

Q: What is the secret of beautiful legs?
A: The constitution of my body is not to gain weight on the legs, on the contrary i have a bad balance.

Credits: @ilovegd21 + @chanmisaaa

Translated by: Renee@WeLoveBom

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