2NE1’s Interview for NHK Asia Music Network with Translations


Watch the interview here

Interviewer: How are your performances in Japan?
CL: Funny. When we do performances in Japan, the fans always come doing cosplay and that make us so happy. We see the photos and we really want to take a photo with all of them. It’s not only the clothes but the makeup, hairstyle, expressions and details. We enjoy to see it too.

Interviewer: About the fashion style, are you picky?
CL: We always match the songs as a team.
The favorite style is clearly individual so each one of us is picky.
DARA: Until we debuted I had a strange obsession. I said “Do not wear skirts!” and I ran away.  These days I’ve taken challenges of different styles but as my body is little I like clothes that doesn’t expose my body a lot.
MINZY: Because I wear a lot of sporty, I like active fashion. I like clothes you can wear to dance on the spot. I’m HIPHOP style but I like to wear clothes that reveals a beautiful body line, and cute girly clothes too.
BOM: I liked skirts since before and since the debut time I wore skirts too. Because today is a new style I’m not wearing a skirt but from the start I liked it and are comfortable to wear so I like skirt style.
CL: We talk about “I want to wear this” but since before the debut the stylist has been with us like a friend so we really understand each other very well and it’s not like a feeling of work. When we meet everyday and talk we can do a request naturally and make it fun while expressing it. We are not so much picky about fashion, rather than match with it, we decide a concept and we like to make a fashion style.
Lyrics that women can sympathize with, like “I DON’T CARE”, we wanted to express and represent strong women with “FIRE” and “I AM THE BEST” etc.
I think through the fashion and as a representative of women we want to give courage.

Interviewer:  Picky on lives, do you have any point of having self-confidence respectively?
CL: Since debut time we work with producer Teddy but stylist are the same too so people work like only one crew. We make the albums together. From this album I wrote lyrics too and it was a great effort. I think that little by little our 4 colors has become stronger.  Not just because of us but I think that any song we make it becomes a 2NE1 song.
Everybody is clear on their personality. There are times when occasionally that personality gives a strong bad influence but as four solo artist, for do a collaboration we collect really different feelings of four people for sing only one song and
I think that’s the characteristic of our music.
MINZY: I’m not sure if everybody likes that point of 2NE1 but in relation to me, I’m very satisfied with the dance. I think that I like when i see an unexpected dance.
DARA: In our case when we do performances we match more with the song through hairstyle and styling. Despite my image and cover looks weak I think we can also provide fun. On the stage there are a lot of laughs and fun and it comes naturally.
I think that funny appearance is our beloved point.
BOM: I’m shy talking about myself but I give my best because I want to receive the happiness of the fans through the songs and a lot of expression of feelings. People that is watching and I we have the same expression and it feels good when we hold
the same feeling. It makes me so happy.
DARA: This time in Indonesia I didn’t have a lot of condition. At that time I thought “the stage is an oxygen inhaler”. Before of go up to stage I was so worried but at the moment of stand up on stage the pain of the body and the headache were gone.
I had the feeling that stage is really like oxygen.
BOM: I sympathize with all of these thoughts. My voice can’t come out completely when I have a cold but if I’m on stage my voice come out and it becomes
like the same feeling with everyone.
MINZY: It’s hard to say it with words but the body resist perfectly until the live ends. Always a feeling of playing and get excited with the people, and being on stage gets me the feeling that I forget the bad things.

Interviewer: For 2NE1 what are fans and lives?
DARA: Everytime I feel it but particularly on this tour compared to the previous one, we are going to many countries. The thoughts always go this far, family and friends are not here and it’s an unfamiliar place. Although the words can’t be understood when everybody is
having fun they get goosebumps.
CL: Not just giving a good result once but continue doing a world tour three and four times more. I think it’s important continue like that way for a long time. Depending of the countries the temperament is a bit different but, I think the root of 2NE1 fans is the same. Everybody is wildly enthusiastic. There are a lot of women fans and of course there are a lot of men fans too. I’m happy there are many kind of people. It’s so good anywhere we go they give us a feeling of home and comfort. The reason for sing more songs and do the encore concert is our good feeling of excitement and we want to pay back to the fans. There are many situations where we have fun. Being on stage is really funny.
We are going to give the best of us to meet our fans and to stand up
on the stage with another work.
DARA: The dream as a team is together. We want to do a lot of lives, meet all the fans on stage and send a lot of good music.

Source: NHK Asia Music Network

Jap-Eng translated by: Renee@WeLoveBom


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