141019 More HQ Fantaken Photos of Spring Goddess at YG Family “Power Tour” Concert in Beijing

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86baef27jw1eliu3jdeenj20xc0m5wk7 86baef27jw1eliu3mdweoj20xc0m5wj1 73480f30gw1elj36j2aeqj21kw2dc7vi 73480f30gw1elj36q9gu9j21kw2dchdt 73480f30gw1elj36vluqxj21kw2dcnjw 73480f30gw1elj37nvnuaj21kw2dchdt 73480f30gw1elj366zr30j21kw2dc1fm e7753199gw1eli1gnyyfaj21er0y3tjn e7753199gw1eli1gpj1syj21er0xun8y

Credit: Amiee_Yu + BewithBom中文站 + 77_NO2 + Queencs plush + Tiny Jie Jie Jie Er

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