Collection of Fanaccounts of Park Bom at Macao and Beijing

zMONEWCHEN @ Instagram (Arrival at Macao’s airport)

When helping 77(name of a fan) to get Bom’s sign, Bom was such a cutie as she was full of questions.
Bom asked: Why is her name 77?
She was very curious about it, so I explained to her with my awkwardly structured English!!!


(Note: Not sure if Bom asked in English or Korean)


AudreyYen @weibo (Arrival at Macao’s airport)

Bom is super cute!! Her beauty is overwhelming! She waved to me as I called out for her. Actually if I persisted, I could have had shake hand with her, but I feel it’s better to keep my distance so that she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
After they got into the car, we got to stand very closely to the car. Bom even blew a kiss to us!



Ngwenglam @ weibo (Macao AON)

As if a dream, Bom waved to us! She’s really pretty just like a doll and her legs are so slim! They put on a really great show, very amazed by their stage presence! LOL I’m so excited!! Please do not disband and stay together~~!!



纳尼ATField全开 @ weibo (Macao AON)

This is my first time watching 2NE1’s concert. And instantly I became a fan of Bom! It just melts my heart whenever Bom and Moomin appear together in my camera screen.



_________lch @ Instagram (Macao AON)

Deeply obsessed


(Note:Well chance upon this fanboy, might not be appropriate to share, but still fanboy is rare lol :P)


MONEWHCHEN @ Instagram (Macao airport departing to Beijing)

After introducing myself in English and Korean, Bom asked if I’m heading to China as well?
I said: “No, come back to Taiwan!”

Bom: “I see…” (Her reply doesn’t make sense to me hahaha!!)

Then I passed her the ticket to sign, and to my surprised she actually wrote “Love Momo”

OMG she’s so cute!


(Note: Not sure if Bom replied in English or Korean. When this fan said “Come back to Taiwan”, I’m not sure if she meant to ask Bom to go to Taiwan or she herself is going back to Taiwan. If its not the latter, I think that is why she finds Bom’s reply doesn’t make sense?)


杍桠_GD @ weibo (Arrival @ Beijing airport)

When 2NE1’s car left via VIP passage, two of us were right by the side of the car where Bom sat and she waved to us from the car. This reminded me of when they last visited Beijing, Bom actually said Hello to my colleague! Such a nice girl!

(Note: She is staff at the airport, a fan of Bigbang, she called Bom -> Boom -_-)



咦啵哒 @ weibo (YG CON)

Bom unnie is so thoughtful, as she kept coming to the side stage which is extremely secluded, including Minzy. Both of them are so kiyo~



鬼鬼_love愛星星 @ weibo (YG CON)

I am now a fan of Bom! Partly because the admins of PBCN are so friendly! Despite waiting for half an hour, I am more than satisfied to be able to get the fan and banner that I always wanted! Most of the photos I took were out of focus due to my excitement! But earnestly, Bom’s live singing is really good, no problem hitting those high notes, Bom unnie zzang!! Lastly, quite worried for Bom as she failed to do her tumbling properly, it must hurt,please don’t get hurt again~ . Ending here with regards from me,a new Bom stan!



haroo- @ weibo (YG CON)

During encore, Daesung and Taeyang kept dancing around together and also kept teasing Bommie. Bom and Daesung even had their head close to each other. Such a lovely family 😀


Translated by: seki

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