Full Translation of Blackjack Nolza Magazine



And who is going to decorate the top battler, while the expectation and tension of the audience is increasing, from the ceiling opening to the left and right in the center of the giant screen, 4 persons have place in a gorgeous gondola descending slowly. CL’s english and MC together, the new song “CRUSH” was heard! Singing 4 songs, including 3 new songs, is hard to think that was the first japanese performance of the songs, the breath of the audience stopped. As the top battler, achieving the highest role passing the baton to the next artist.



G-DRAGON (BIGBANG) did a parody of CL’s solo song “Nappeun gizibe” (the baddest female) to “Nappeun mosume” (the baddest boy)! Then CL entered on the center of the stage and started her new song “MTBD”. Throwing her black actress hat off and dancing with disheveled hair, she was gradually rising lying on the stage and unfolding a sexy dance, in a charming stage with a powerful voice!


Dara copied the outfit that T.O.P used during “BIGBANG Japan Dome Tour 2013~2014”, she entered to the stage with a blue suit and a giant microphone on her shoulders! She associated the rap part “Doom da da divi da da” with her real name “Park Sandara” and sang “Sandara divi da da”, giving the fans Dara’s characteristic humor.

D-LITE (BIGBANG) & Kang SeungYoon (WINNER)

2NE1’s “UGLY” arranged in a rock version, it was D-LITE (BIGBANG)! He sang at the top of his voice in a magnificent high-pitched tone, and fans could heard a beautiful harmony too with Kang SeungYoon (WINNER).


2NE1’s junior Lee Hi entered with Minzy! Lee Hi did an introduction in japanese, and the venue got excited! While she was walking, Lee Hi sang 2NE1’s “IF I WERE YOU” with a painful feeling, then 2NE1 appeared at her both sides, and did a performance with a powerful voice in tears.


Bom and Epik High’s collaboration. A happy passage and dancing while walking, the acclamations go up for Bom that rises her smile.


A familiar english words and melody were heard, then BIGBANG appeared in the center of the stage with 2NE1’s “I LOVE YOU”! BIGBANG’s 5 members seemed to be playful and had fun together from beginning to end, and the highlight scene of this song was a performance of a sexy line dance with a super sexy movement, giving the fans so much fun!

Then 2NE1 came back to the stage again. They performed “I AM THE BEST”, “SCREAM” and “CAN’T NOBODY”, in the MC, the members said that do a concert at the Tokyo Dome is their dream. In the encore, 6 groups, 24 people of gorgeous artists met on the stage, and sang together 2NE1’s “GO AWAY” and another 3 songs, to reach a total of 40 songs in 3 hours and to close the big success of “YG Family World Tour 2014 -Power- in Japan.”


Entering to the venue after a long time of seeing them, while the hearts were beating, the fans that became animated sprinkled a dazzling smile.

At the time it started, a feeling of good taste, and an opening movie was projected on the stage. There is no need to say that the floor was wrapped up on cheers. On the vision the figure of the members were projected one by one, and in each time the audience changed their tone of voice, they called for the name of 4 persons in voices near to screams. The girls they wanted to see were going to be there soon. And with that thought, fans couldn’t hold the joy that was filling their hearts.

The countdown began and the time decreases from 10 to 0, guiding them to the moment they were anxiously waiting for. CL, DARA, BOM, MINZY. The shapes of the 4 persons they long awaited for were revealed in the center of the stage.

It were the cheers of joy. Enough to breake the ears, the screams were directed from the floor to the 4 persons.

The 4 girls started the live with their newest number “CRUSH”. A strong sound of electro beat resounded, and the girls started a powerful song. Spread in front of the eyes, like if they jumped out from the music video to the real world, the tone of voice of the audience increased.

They walked from the center of the main stage and went to the fans that were waiting for them. Of course the state of the live was already enthusiastic. In a flash “FIRE” started, and in the production of a blazing big flame column, the girls came to liberate a hot temperature. Because of MINZY’s provocative dance the audience got excited and their screams increased, it was very impressive. As the maknae she had innocence and was naughty like a child, of course she is an artist, she grew up and achieved the adulthood as a woman, and that growth is lovely. The audience, after a long time no see, fans that were moved by the members’ growth were there too, and surely many fans for certain loved that growth.

CL: Everyone I missed you~!!

CL screamed, then DARA, BOM and MINZY too, and gave words about their feelings of waiting anxiously for another meeting. Then, from here, the girls turned the rudder of the live.

With a pink base and outfit they showed the “Pink section”, holding a gun and shooting the laser to the audience, and from the center of the stage a pink camouflage tank emerged slowly, showing a image of strong girls. On “DON’T STOP THE MUSIC”, from MINZY’s solo the band was recieved, and with a voice that makes resound, CL’s self-confidence was full and her singing voice was very impressive in that act.

And then, from here the movie was interrupted, and the scene completely changed to another color.

Since here, with a white base the “White section” was spread in front of the audience.

While the girls were singing “MISSING YOU”, swings appeared in scene. Like if it squeeze out the pain from inside of the heart with the best effort, they sang the lyrics putting their feelings into it.


The girls, on a swing that was descending, repeated their voices in a monochromatic world, like a time travel to a past era. The song was “IF I WERE YOU”. A song that has been recorded in this new album.

DARA: Everyone, how was it? CL composed this song! It’s beautiful right?

BOM: For me, in the album, this is the song I like the most!

At that time, with experience at solo activities, with the role of 2NE1’s producer on her shoulders CL’s self-confidence was big and guide 2NE1 for growth.

The next thing to came was “COME BACK HOME”. This song came in Japanese, Korean and Unplugged ver., strings and acoustic guitar’s gentle sound with the voice of the 4 girls, so kind and beautiful. To finish the White Section, “UGLY”. This time UGLY arranged in acoustic too. CL, BOM, DARA and MINZY connected their vocals. Slowly, word by word, to fasten the pain and sing the lyrics with all their feelings, increasing that singing voice more deeply. The audience, as always the scene changes for UGLY, attended quietly.

To crush that white world, “Red section” began with a red base. From “I LOVE YOU” started the red world, a mature world. Using a pole dance as approach, they showed a sexy connection with the male dancers, the 4 girls fascinated the audience with their bewitching charm. Surely the girls using that “color”, showed the strength and weakness of women, and enchanted with their presentation. Also, on this block, we could hear CL’s powerful rap in “GOTTA BE YOU” too, very impressive. Then, the girls performed “DO YOU LOVE ME” with the red base to finish the block, and they inserted a talk.

MINZY: Japan is so passionate! The most passionate, I think! I’m so happy!

DARA: Yokohama Arena was the place where we performed for first time in our first concert, so I have a lot of memories. As CL is our new producer, I think you’ve been fascinated by a beautiful 2NE1 but, is today’s live funny?

Of course the audience pay back with a voice of assent.

After the warm and comfortable talk, a new song’s music video connected, and the stage changed with a black base for another world scene.


CL sang “THE BADDEST FEMALE & MTBD” with the male dancers. With this we could taste CL’s power as a solo artist. For bring to a climax the “Black Section”: “I AM THE BEST”.

On this number, in the representation of strong girls, they were straddle on larges Harley while the song started, and enchanted with a splendid formation of the male dancers who where dressed like a bike, it was a surprise to see a production never seen like that on the venue.

Then, 2NE1’s killer tune “I DON’T CARE” and “GO AWAY” arranged in a heavy rock, bringing a finish to the original version. The cute “I DON’T CARE”, now with a violent guitar riff and 2 bass, arranged with a metal tone, and we couldn’t hide the surprise because of the scene.


In the encore, from a passage in the audience CL and BOM, DARA and MINZY, appeared on pairs, walking slowly between the audience, reducing the distance between them and the fans. For the audience, to get more closeness, there was no better production than it. The girls understood their feelings perfectly. Slowly while they were going back to the stage, they looked back to this day on the MC.

CL: Thank you so much for make pretty memories!

BOM: We will be back as soon as possible, wait for us please!

DARA: These days Japanese is difficult but, I’ve been studying while watching a drama that I like so much, “Taiyou no uta”! I like “Hana yori dango” too! The next time we came I will be better at Japanese!

MINZY: I like our Japanese family the most! Thank you so much!

Then, after “LONELY” and “GOTTA BE YOU”, CL leave this words.

CL: On the sad moments, thinking of you guys, when I see you I become strong. For me, one by one of you is my precious treasure. Thank you. Because you are here, I get so much fun when we come to Japan. Thank you so much.

CL who gave honest words to the fans that received the love to theirselves.

After these no decorative honest words from the heart, the audience gave her a big applause and cheers of joy.

Then the 4 girls gave the fans “CAN’T NOBODY” to close the curtain.

Without imitations, without drain the fashion, 2NE1 that always dispatch their own original style. That girls that made a genuine comeback, also from here, there is a premonition of the creation of a new scene.

They that have created a new world, from now on we will look forward to it.



MINZY: Everyone of Blackjack Nolza! It has been a long time no see! Have you been good? I wanted to see you! I’m sorry for the long wait! From now on we’re going to do our best for japanese activities. Because I love japanese fans x 1000000 I’m always thinking on you! You do it too right?! From now on let’s NOLZA together!

BOM: Everyone~ I really wanted to met you all~! As we made the Japanese album with utmost effort, please give us a lot of love~ Ah! Thoughts about the Japanese tour… give 2NE1 so much love. Do your best for come to our concert and have a loooot of audience! (laugh). BOM.

CL: Blackjack NOLZA!!! Thank you always! I missed you guys so~ much. Love, CL.

DARA: Everyone, I want to thank you, I was deeply moved, it was really funny ^.^ I thank to you for always waiting us on that place, see you again! I will do my best on japanese! From Dara to Blackjack Nolza.




Bom’s beautiful legs shine with a short like-Chinese dress design. NAILS: A white hologram with yellow fluorescent design that catch all eyes! To match with the costume 5 gold rings on her fingers.


CL’s style is a long jacket with long sleeves. In her feet, plataform boots in set with Bom. NAILS: Accessories in gold texture, matching with the nails in a chic black. Looking a bit more, a cute mark of a smile in silver.


A napoleon jacket open in the front that makes accent on her golden pants! In her feet short black boots! NAILS: Unique nails with a motive of replay and pause marks.


A style of long jacket to match with CL and black pants. In her weist a gold stylish buckle! Looking side to side the pants have an embroidery line in gold too. NAILS: A random arrangement of silver lame and aqua color.




Q1. Can I ask a guy to a date by myself? A. YES/YES/YES/YES

Q2. Love at first sight occurs often? A. NO/NO/YES/YES

Q3. I lead a guy when dating. A. NO/NO/NO/YES

Q4. Do I recover fast from a disappointed love? A. YES/NO/NO/YES

Q5. I want to get in touch with boyfriend everyday! A. YES/YES/YES/YES

Q6. Is the wish of getting married strong? A. YES/NO/NO/YES

Q7. The guy must pay on a date! A. NO/NO/NO/NO

Q8. Definitely taller than me! A. YES/NO/YES/YES

Q9. Is true the friendship between men and women? A. YES/YES/YES/YES

Q10. I prefer older guys than younger. A. NO/NO/NO/YES

Q11. Does stolen love exist? A. NO/NO/NO/NO

Q12. Do I start a talk about separation? A. YES/YES/NO/NO

Q13. Texting with another girls is infidelity! A. NO/YES/NO/NO

Q14. I want to be spoiled by him than I spoil him! A. NO/YES/NO/NO

Q15. If we get married I want a lot of children! A. NO/YES/NO/YES


CL’s fashion check!

Our fashion leader CL gave a check on the coordinate pride of everyone in Blackjack Nolza.



This time we could collect a lot of worries. Now Bom answered all of your worries~~!!

Nickname: Yukki

Worry: Suddenly a friend made a profession of love! As I already have a person to love I have the intention to refuse and I want to be close as always until now but I can’t do it easily… cry unnie what to do in a situation like this?! And have you had any situation like this?!

Bom: Honestly I think it has not happened to me with anyone but… in a situation like this, I… to this friend… I think for his understanding I would give a careful explanation~ To be close as always for now is difficult but… I think that if I were you I would contact with him like I usually do… but… as I said before, it’s necessary a properly and careful explanation.

Nickname: Hanachii

Worry: Bom studied in America but, when you decided to go, didn’t you have anxiety? I’m thinking on go overseas to study too but now I have so much anxiety… please give me a good advice >_<

Bom: Honestly as I really wanted to go to America… I didn’t have any preocupation at the time to go… rather I was very happy… I don’t know what is a worry but… when you don’t think too much and if you take the decision to go, you will have the courage~

Nickname: Kaepi

Worry: My 12 years old daughter wants to be a rapper and enter to YG!!! I said it but, how can she join to YG? It’s a serious worry of an elementary school student!

Bom: Honestly I’m not a rapper so I can’t say much (laugh). I think your 12 years old daughter is a prodigy child… please send a video~. Maybe with the “hawk-eye” of president Yang and the castings managers, if they could see the potential, we’ll become a FAMILY in YG right??


DARA’s public relations’ chief journal: One Day in Tokyo.

Since the arrival to “YG Family world tour 2014 -Power- in Japan” Dara wrote a backstage report!


MINZY’s favorite.

An introduction of the popular corner Minzy’s favorite entertainment Vol. 2


“La fille de papier” (Paper girl)

MINZY: This novel of a best seller writer come out with a love story of a female protagonist, I can’t stop turning the pages!


“Hachi yakusoku no inu” (Hachi: A dog’s tale)

MINZY: This is the story of Hachi, a little dog that has lost his way, takes the hand of an old man professor, and with that man they spend time together, a heart warming human drama about a man and a dog, I think it’s a beautiful film about family love and animals love! The animals love the most!


“One” U2 & Mary J Blige

MINZY: Above all the lyrics are so good! While hearing the song and the lyrics, you can hear Bono (U2) and Mary J Blige’s voices harmony and it is so beautiful, it’s a song that charm your ears even if you don’t want it ^^



1. Nickname

2. Charm point

3. Character/Personality

4. Strong point

5. Special skill

6. Favorite phrase

7. Addicted to

8. Animal to compare with

Bom —> Minzy

1. Gong Mingkki 2. Genius of dance, kind to pay attention to Bom. 3. Prudent 4. Although she is young she is considerate a thoughtful opponent, a professional to do her work. 5. Dance, sing 6. Way of talking like Crayon Shin-chan 8. Beaver.

Dara —> Bom

1. Chunyosa Bomtori (Ms. Spring Bom-bird) 2. Beauty of slender female legs, voice 3. Nobody knows (laugh) 8D 5. Cook noodles 6. Eodigge 7. Spray mist on her face 8. Hamster.


1. Saja (lion) 2. Hands and legs. 3. Active, sociable, positive. 4. Doing a meeting and collect all of the members one by one, an expert in work organization. 8. Lion.


1. Peon/Darong/Santokki/Sandara 2. Cute ahjumma 3. Old lady or grandma 4. Delicate 5. Observation of people 7. Socks, takoyaki 8. Rabbit



Q. Who gets angry more easily? A. BOM

Q. Who is the most slovenly? A. BOM

Q. Who is the most generous? A. BOM

Q. Who is the best singing? A. BOM

Q. Who is always late? A. BOM

Q. Who is the most fearful? A. DARA

Q. Who thinks the most on the members? A. DARA

Q. Who has high ideals about men? A. DARA

Q. Who is the most sensible? A. DARA

Q. Who is the best in dance? A. MINZY

Q. Who is the best drinking? A. MINZY

Q. Who is the most sexy? A. CL

Q. Who is a natural lover? A. CL

Translated by: Renee@WeLoveBom


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