141220 Funny Fanaccounts of Bom at 2NE1 Blackjack Nolza Fanmeeting in Nagoya, Japan

  •  CL asked “Bom-chan! How do you feel?” and Bom answered “Bom-chan feels so good!”. She was so cute.
  •  Minzy was ero as always, Dara had a small and pretty face, CL was sexy and Bom’s voice, face and all was cute!

★ At the drawing time, the girls had to draw Blackjack Nolza’s Logo. Bom’s drawing didn’t look like a (a spade, BJN logo) but like a butt with growing wings. Before show it to the fans, CL and the MC laughed so hard. Then the MC added a stick to the drawing but…

MC: Bom, you’d better not draw that ^^; because it looks like a butt with something into it!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Then Bom and the fans laughed too. The victory of the resulting logo drawing was for Bom.

 ★ Dara took Bom’s padlock necklace and put it inside Bom’s clothes.

 ★ In the middle of a song, Bom’s hand slipped and the microphone left her hand for a moment and flew in the air. Bom had an expression like “Ha!! Σ(°°;)” but she recovered the quietness. She did it quickly in front of everyone.

 ★ A fan wanted the girls to shout “NOLZA!!” forming a circle.

Bom: Ready?… Fighting!!!! (She was supposed to shout “nolza”)

Fans: ?????!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (everyone was shocked and laughing)

Bom: Ahh, ah ^^;



Ball signed by Bom

B5R3txdCYAA8LsX.jpg large

B5R-lqwCcAA749c.jpg large

Bom with her drawing of Santa Claus

B5T5ZwDCEAAgPnw.jpg large

Bom’s drawing of Blackjack Nolza logo

B5R0tpCCAAA8qJZ.jpg large

Credits: lollipop21b + littlestone_ + 1D_koto + rinnamu91 + gd88_sk + IXIXVIIVI_y + r2gd

★ *Special thanks to lollipop21b for sharing these cute and funny fanaccounts with us! しまなさん本当にありがとう!♡^^*

Translated by: RingoESP


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