YG Family Concert 2014 DVD Behind The Scenes with Subtitles



Minzy: Good morning!


Lee Hi: Little sister.

Bom: She’s my little sister. She’s cute right? She’s cute right?


CL: Now, what time is it?

Dara: It’s 4pm right? Only 2 hours.

Minzy: The concert is at 6pm.

CL: Is it at 6pm?… Is it at 6pm?!

CL: Oppa maybe we have to sitting there with no make-up!

Dara: It looks like a plane belt.

CL: The plane that we boarded today was two and a half hours late oppa. My neck hurts.


CL: Until here is ok. Now we’re going to do our make-up.

CL: As we were in charge of the opening in the previous YG FAMILY CONCERT, this time I thought we were going to assign it to our juniors but, we’re going to do it and it’s good in that way…

Dara, Minzy, Bom: The opening is essential.

Bom: Who else do it with the exception of 2NE1?

Dara: The opening is important in a concert.

Bom: Leave the opening to us please.

CL: In the opening, yelling “ARE YOU READY?” my voice becomes husky…

Bom, Minzy: ARE YOU READY?!

Bom: That increase the tension.

CL: It makes me sound angry.


Dara: It’s ok! The opening is important. Let’s enliven this! Fighting!


Dara: It’s the first time we are at Tokyo Dome. I’m going to get fun with all my strength.

Dara: It is our first time at Tokyo Dome right?

Minzy: I really wanted to be here. I’ve talked about that I wanted to be at Tokyo Dome and finally it’s coming true.


Minzy: “What do you always carry?” I always carry hands cream and mist. My skin is important. Bye bye~


Dara: What will come out… what kind of question~

Minzy: To which junior in YG do you want to buy a meal?

CL: For me TEAM B.

Minzy: For me TEAM B too.

CL: It’s a joke. There are so many juniors, we want to give a meal to all our juniors. We want to gather all the junior members.


Dara: Finally a concert at Tokyo Dome…

Minzy: Tokyo Dooo~me.

Dara: It seems to be very spacious.

Minzy: It was a dream, to be at Tokyo Dome, so I’m excited. I’m so happy to be with YG FAMILY. Until now I was the maknae in YG FAMILY so I had all the love to myself. But from now on I assign it (the maknae title) to Lee Hi.


Minzy: Because I’m giving Lee Hi the maknae title I want her to receive a lot of love. I want her to become the cute mascot of YG FAMILY. Lee Hi’s aegyo is not enough though. She has to study how to do aegyo.


Seungri: Are you ok?

Dara: Yes.


Dara: Omo! I thought something was strange.


Seungri: Hellooo!

CL: Yay Seungri!

Seungri: I go by the 2NE1 CL YG BABY

CL: YG baby~

Seungri: So now you’re doing the setting for your hairstyle right?

CL: Yes.

Seungri: By the way, how long does it take to 2NE1 members to do their hair and make-up?

CL: The four of us, four hours.

Seungri: What?! It takes four hours to the four of you or each one take one hour?

CL: We do our hair and make-up together. But the four of us together takes four hours.

Seungri: Amazing.

Dara: Waa.

Seungri: Dara, what is your concept for today?

Dara: The concept is female boxer.

Seungri: Boxer! A female boxer! Woo! Amazing movements! Ah wait.. you can’t show your abs yet?…

Dara: I can’t show them yet.

Seungri: I see.

Dara: Ah, the photos… I want to give them to the japanese fans.

Seungri: What kind of photos are these?

Dara: Photos directly from my camera. I think I want to give them to the fans.

Seungri: Then please say a message for the fans that are going to receive the photos.

Dara: Ah, Japanese Blackjack Nolza fans~ who will be the lucky ones? Look forward to this please~

Seungri: Minzy we were waiting for you.

Dara: Minzy is now a sexy woman.

Seungri: Well, as time goes by, I feel you’re going to become more and more adult!

Minzy: Thank you~

Seungri: What is your concept for today?

Minzy: The concept is sexy.

Seungri: Amazing. So are you in the charge of sexy member in 2NE1?

Minzy: I’m rival with Bom.

Seungri: I see. So is Bom the sexy member? I see.

Minzy: Bom is in charge of the legs.

Seungri: Bom is in charge of the legs… then Dara is in charge of the cute?

Minzy: I think so.

Seungri: And CL?

Minzy: Charisma!

CL: Nothing.

Minzy: She is in charge of the charisma.

CL: I’m in charge of nothing.

Dara: Angry!

Seungri: Ah, in charge of the angry. There are times on stage when she looks angry.

CL: There are right?

Seungri: MAKE SOME NOISE! You do it often right? MAKE SOME NOISE TOKYO!

Seungri: Park Bom!

Bom: Yes! I’m here.

Seungri: What are you doing there?!

Bom: Doing makeup!

Seungri: But we don’t have time!

Bom: It’s ok!

Seungri: Hurry up!


Minzy: It’s an amazing skill.

CL: This exceeds the sexy this is erotic. And why are they touching each other’s butt? Although this is not that sort of song they’re touching their butts a lot. I’m worried this could be a misunderstanding for the fans.

Dara: I’m embarrassed.

CL: Everyone “I LOVE YOU” is not a song for touching butts.


CL: Talking on the stage, we want to have a solo concert for 2NE1 at Tokyo Dome too. Let’s do our best!

credits: iKON Global

Translated by: Renee@WeLoveBom

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