[WLB Staff Picks] 20 Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄 by Gjie

With one edition of ‘’Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄’’ out the door, we present you the second edition of it by our lovely admin Gjie. Like our previous one by Yasmine, Gjie has chosen her favorite pictures and fancams of Bom. Of course we have many more favorite moments but when we need to put it simply in fifteen pictures and five fancams—it’ll be a little like this:



This super adorable shot of Bom sipping her juice box in such a cute way will forever be embedded in my mind as I can see a part of Bom I seldom see on stage. This was taken on the 27th of February back in 2012 where Bom left Inkigayo studios after performing ‘’If I Can’t Sing’’ with Se7en. We always get to see sexy and fierce Bom on stage but off stage she’s the complete opposite. Dressed comfortably in her skin-tight jeans and denim jacket—she topped off the look with sophisticated Pierre Hardy sneakers. This look has always been one of my favorites and on top of that she completed the look with an amazing hairstyle we rarely see—a hairstyle I instantly fell in love with since she’s always seen in her straight long locks and signature bangs.



When this picture came out and I stumbled across it on the internet, I had to do a double take. I couldn’t believe that I’d be seeing Bom wearing a wedding dress any time soon but I’m so glad I did. She looked absolutely amazing in her wedding dress, especially with the lightening in the back. The wedding dress fits her so perfectly, just drop dead gorgeous. If I was the groom I’d never let anyone see her like that.



Please tell me that I’m not the only one whose jaw dropped right on the floor when we saw this picture. Seeing Bom wearing a bikini was something that always happened in our wildest dreams yet here we are. There should be an official ‘’Bom’s Appreciation Day’’ where everyone would get an official holiday in return, no kidding. Having a heart attack is a complete understatement, she looks incredible. This picture was also the buzz of town as it gained such an interest from Korean netizens all the way to International fans only upon seeing the glorious legs of Ms. Park. I’m not surprised at all if her legs are insured for one million dollars.



Park Bom’s airport fashion has always been my all-time favorite looks of her. Seriously who doesn’t have atleast one look from the airport as their favorite? The 2NE1 ladies are always the trendsetters and every single time Bom appears at the airport for a trip overseas—she stuns us with her ‘’on-point’’ airport fashion, and after each time she definitely trends on various Korean portal sites. It’s really hard to choose from the various outfits she’s worn because Lady Spring has always been flawless from head to toe. Leather jackets have always been a weakness of mine since I was born and her pairing it up with a black shirt, sunglasses and black tights are just my kryptonite.



Goddess B coming through! Ya’ll better get ready because she’s setting the roof on fire baby! If I had to describe Bom in one single world, it would be endearing. It just radiates from her entire being. How can you forget that day where Goddess B stunned us completely at the Vega R3 Launching Show? She’s bringing sexiness to the stage and her stunning outfit complimented her blonde curly locks—which completely blew me away.



This was back in 2012—when the girls had a ‘’Me2Day’’ Star Chat. Adorable Bom with a slightly darker shade of blonde/light brown and light make-up made my ‘’kokoro’’ go ‘’dup dap dup dap’’. How can she look so adorable and sexy at the same time? It makes me speechless, really. She was really interactive with the fans and I had so much fun seeing CL, Dara and Bom having a great time chit-chatting with those lucky Blackjacks.



The most epic moment of the century—Park Bom’s epic tumbling back in early 2014. It all started when they won 1st place on M! Countdown for ‘’Come Back Home’’. Having promised earlier that if they would win she would tumble and guess what? It actually happened. 2NE1 won 1st place so Bom had to fulfil her promise. Nothing can stop our Queen B especially not leader CL who wasn’t present at the time to protect 2NE1’s bad girl image. Are you sure you’re already 30 years old? I doubt it.


Celebrity Sightings In New York City - August 21, 2012

The time when Bom was leaving the Manhattan hotel in New York City with 2NE1 was the time where my soul left my body. The photographer is a brave man, I don’t think I’d survive seeing Bom up-close looking stunning as ever with her goddess-like features. I would be just a mere peasant standing beside her. Thank you for the picture dear brave photographer, you made my day.



Let’s go all the waaaaaaaay back to 2NE1’s ‘’I Don’t Care’’ era back in 2009 where 2NE1 topped the charts with lyrics such as ‘’I hate all you men’’ and ‘’I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh’’. With intense lyrics such as these—completely the opposite of what K-Pop was about back then— they still killed it on-stage and off-stage. Park Bom posing for the camera with ‘’peace signs’’ and her signature look of back then—short dress and her thick eye-liner.





‘’잘자욤~~~*^_____^* (Goodnight)’’. Park Bom’s update on LinePlay, How can I sleep after seeing this picture? Park Bom what have you done to me? Spotting Bom wearing a ‘’Ramones’’ shirt is a pleasant surprise but like always never disappointing. The picture was taken during ‘’Crush’’ era, where her locks were dyed black and in this picture her hair makes ‘’snowy complexion’’—which she already had even brighter and goddess-like.



Bringing adorable Bom back to the scene because too much sexiness can burn you completely. My first question when she posted this photo was—‘’Why is she in a bathrobe?’’ Obviously because she just got out from a relaxing bubble bath and I don’t mind if ‘’Poong poong’’ joined along with her and may I add that I’m slightly jealous of that ‘’Poong poongie’’



Let’s take it back to 2010 where the whole YG Family attended TOP’s movie premiere for ‘’Into The Fire’’, Park Bom was styled in Alexander McQueen pieces and Alexander Wang—never have I realized Bom was a fan of both designers since debut although her excellent fashion choice wasn’t something that surprised me. Is it me or Bom looks super cute here? I mean… she has always been cute for me.



The most epic picture of Park Bom! Behold—Stitch Bom has been born. Even though Chaerin personally bought it for the youngest Minzy when she went to Japan. What did Chaerin bring back for Bom? Obviously her favorite fruit—banana. I love the picture so much, it has been my Tumblr display picture ever since I joined it back in 2010, and it’s still my display picture. That’s how much I love it. 



Give me a P! Give me an A! R and K! And you go BOM! Have you ever wondered how Bom would look in a cheerleader outfit? Well, YG has answered everyone’s prayers. God bless his trolling a*s. He’s doing something right once in a while. May I add how she looks like she’s ready for the game—bring it on! What team? Park Bom!



Saving the best for the last one, I will forever remember that one night where I spent Bom’s birthday with her and 2NE1—and the surprise birthday greeting for the birthday girl herself. Year 2013 on 23rd March midnight, the fans took the opportunity to pull out a surprise birthday project for Bom by singing her the Happy Birthday song and by bringing up a small birthday cake through staff on stage. I had such a great time and seeing her happy and together with 2NE1 celebrating her birthday was just brilliant.


Let’s roll out my favorite fancam/videos of Bom!


I personally would say that this is the most adorable CF of Bom. Have you seen Bom being shy throughout 2NE1 TV? I don’t think so. You always see Bominator the bully instead—well here we get to see Bom chasing after Danchoo and instead bumps in to a cute guy which results into Bom being super adorable. Too precious.


Bom is not just the lead rapper of 2NE1 but she’s also the lead dancer. *In Bom’s voice*: ‘’Minzy got nothing on me.’’ Bom was supposed to perform a special stage in the NOLZA Concert but instead plans change due to time limit—Minzy took over lead dancer and Bom released two hit solo singles instead—‘’You and I’’ & ‘’Don’t Cry’’.


This performance made me fall even harder for Bom—not that I fell hard for her already. Her vocals are just amazing plus how brave she is performing for such a massive crowd.


My favorite fancam of Bom and ya’ll know why since I’ve already explained it. Bom’s surprised face at how everyone including the host and our favorite girls sing Happy Birthday just for her.


Last but not least—may I just say how I love whoever compiled videos of Bom speaking English. Her thick American accent is just something that I will listen to everyday.

This is the end of @jiebrick’s staff picks edition! Did you all have fun reading it? Like the previous one, I hope this gave you a little bit of Bom dose we need. Please anticipate the upcoming posts which our staff are preparing thoroughly. Until next time!

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