It’s finally here! WeLoveBom‘s very much anticipated mystery project, ”We’re Going UP!”. It’s a super fun and super meaningful project we decided to name after Epik High‘s hit single ”UP” in which Bom was also featured in.  It’s a personal WLB project where we would like to gather as much fans possible throughout the world and we hope many Blackjacks will take part in this project.


Step one: Every fan participating should gather balloons, minimum amount two, maximum five which are tied up to a nice ribbon. To make it fun, just use any color for each—the more different colors the nicer it will be.

Step two: Write Park Bom’s name on it and if possible her Birthday hash tag. (which will be announced soon)

Step three: Picture with the balloons—make sure the writing is see-able on the balloons. (Take it at any famous place in your country)

Step four:      Upload it on Twitter/Instagram

Photo or Video (highly recommend both)

Mention Bom/Tag Bom

Use the project hashtag if posted on Instagram so we can find all the works posted

**WeLoveBom will be reposting a few, the videos will also be used for a birthday tribute video.


Please take note– releasing the balloons is something you decide for yourself. Due to concerns about how releasing the balloons is basically littering and it will polute the earth– which we completely understand. Some fans are against it while some not, this is a decision fans can make themselves. Also be sure to check if releasing balloons is ALLOWED in your country/city.

For fans that wont release the balloons, it’s okay. You can just take pictures with the balloons without releasing them. You can decide afterwards what you will do to the balloons, hand them out to nearby kids or just keep them stored till they sink in themselves.

The main thing behind this project is we want to show Bom how fans love her all around the world with balloons– which Bom likes a lot, something we have learnt during their encore stages at the ”All Or Nothing” World Tour 2014. So it isn’t about releasing the balloons at all, it’s to bring a simple message across 🙂

Many have different opinions, but we all respect that.

It’s a simple cute project—we would like to tell Bom that we love her dearly.


As you watch the balloons disappear out of site,

Feel the balloons lifting away the problems, the pain and the unwanted emotions.

Let the old memories be cast into air,

A secret message of hope and renewal will be heard by this wind.

– Kirsti A. Dyer

moomin balloon edit 2


Many probably have noticed them already although we didn’t mention them, but with this post we would like to share the birthday icons we hope everyone would use on the day we’re trending for our dear Lady Spring– also these icons have another meaning but we will reveal them at a later time.


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