[WLB Staff Picks] 20 Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄 by Yasmine

It’s nearly that time of the year again where we show our undying love and support to our dear Bom. March has finally hit the world– 11th March to be precise which means Bom’s day is finally near.

This past year had been a struggle for us fans especially since all the 2NE1 group related activities we’re finished for Crush, meaning Bom was put on reflection which also means we wont be seeing her till both YG Entertainment and Bom are ready.

So WeLoveBom staff gathered together and discussed about what we possible could do at a time like this and in the end we decided, why not do a Bom related throwback? Each staffmember will pick fifteen favorite shots of gorgeous Lady Spring— on top of that everyone will also pick five of their ultimate favorite fancams.

So are you ready to get the inside scoop on our favorite (in no particular order) breath taking shots of Park Bom? Continue reading!





This beautiful pictorial took my breath away the moment it was released. From her auburn brown hair to her orange-ish cheeks to her gorgeous glittered lips. Everything was perfect. The picture that describes Spring perfectly, who else could pull this off? I think no one. From her usually dark smokey eye-makeup with barely any tint on her cheeks/lips this was a huge change and even Bom admitted so. The flowers are lovely, I just think this shoot was just perfect all in all. Has to definitely be one of my favorites.




Now this is a shot where you think, damn! She looks freaking amazing, her blonde locks have always been my favorite and I’ve been silently praying for her to go back to it, I mean she looks like a beautiful doll. Although this is a slightly edited picture (I have stored in my files, I have no idea who it belongs to but credit to them) you can still see how breathtakingly gorgeous she looks.





This is also an edited shot I think (sorry it has been in my files for so long, I don’t remember where I took it from), her outfit is on point, her hair is on point, her make-up is on point– basically everything is on point. She looks so gorgeous and from this shot you can also see her passion for singing. Just an amazing shot of Bom doing what she loves the most, showcase her incredible vocals to all the fans.






The gorgeous shot from the August issue of Vogue Girl Korea back in 2010. This shot is just stunning, she looks incredible, need I say more?







The day Bom attended a movie premiere back in 2013 had left us gaping. It was one of those rare days where 2NE1 attended an event and we managed to get a glimpse of Bom after a while. She looked absolutely amazing, her missing pants fashion and see-through blouse had become the talk of town. She looked sexy yet sophisticated with her hair loosely tied back– it was simply a day where Bombshells all went to heaven.









Bom looking amazing in a one piece of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection. One of those rare sights/moments where Bom’s bangs are swept at the side and we get to see her glorious forehead. It was during one of those moments where we cherished in anything related to Bom. She looked super duper amazing, her outfit on point, hair on point, make-up on point– every damn thing on point. She looks incredibly beautiful in here thus it being one of my favorite shots. (credit to HaiBao.com for this amazing shot)








Lets take it to the glorious airport moments where 2NE1’s diva Park Bom makes it her fashion runaway to strut her stuff. Her airport outfits have been always been on point– impressing us each single damn time. This was one of those moments where she let us hang out mouths and also one of those rare moments where Bom decided to wear jeans instead of shorts and let me tell you, she looks freaking incredibly hot. Her hair had been dyed lighter– a change from her black locks and she never looked better. Effortlessly rocking any hair color and outfit, this has got to be one of those favorite moments of mine where she looks amazing.






Ladies & gentlemen, introducing rocker chic Park Bom! Well sort of rocker chic. Another one of these moments where she looks incredibly hot with her black body hugging dress, biker leather jacket and stunning high heeled boots. The sunglasses and her blue Chanel bag completed her look effortlessly, definitely one of the looks among my faves.



Oh god, the day I went to heaven once again after Bom made an appearance at the airport to strut her sexy self again. She looked incredible– super sexy I might add. She left me in a daze, just when I thought she couldn’t get any more beautiful she surprised us yet again. A white mini-body hugging dress with a blue jacked, white bag, ”I’m Laddered” stockings and high heels, now this is something that makes you save all the available photos and scroll through them everyday.






The last one out of the airport series although I have so many more favorite looks of her. She looked effortlessly stunning again with a simple outfit. A blue-grey striped sweater with shorts, sneakers, sunglasses and an eye-catching red bag– Bom pulls casual looks just like how she pulls ultra-sexy looks off. Her mini dresses and heels are back in the closet while her shorts and sweaters/tops are back out. An trip overseas could also very well mean be as comfortable as possible but Bom pulled it off the stylish way. A chic casual look, hey Bom, teach me your ways?








One of my favorite selfies of Bom. She looks super beautiful– also shared at a time where she rarely uploaded selfies yet this one magically popped up– thank the heavens for that. Just touched down in Japan, Bom made effort to take maybe a few selfies and share one of them to her fans. I remember the day clearly, it came out of nowhere and we all had a mental breakdown. She just always manages to surprise us with every little thing.








Should we take it back to events? Here’s Bom looking super hot in a Stella McCartney dress back in 2012– where she attended a solo event for Maybelline in Japan. She effortlessly pulled off the dress– not many can easily pull off in my opinion. This is just one of the very few examples we should see Bom more in events such as these, be it solo or with 2NE1– I know she would look incredible each time she attends something. I love her look overall, sophisticated with a twist of sexy. The short one piece dress, high heels and a side braid is just perfect for a simple event like this. Easily tops of one of my favorite moments/pictures of Bom.








Barbie doll Bom is back! Looking as gorgeous as ever. Like I mentioned earlier, her super blonde days have always been my favorite. Do I need to say more about this picture? Simply breathtakingly gorgeous.



Oh my god, this one. Just wow. Amazing shot, Bom looks super duper beautiful. Her outfit was on point, and her dark hair was being cherished by many. Simply one of those shots that have been on my all time favorite list.





Last but not least, this one screams royalty. Bom looking like a queen with her bangs swiped to the side, her hair up high in the back which has been put in a low- side ponytail. The silver hairband completes her royal look with her red sequined dress. Easily one of my favorite looks and pictures. The shoot for ”CRUSH” Japanese version was the complete opposite of the Korean version but both we’re amazing. The different looks Bom sported were amazing but this look was just simply wow.

Let’s roll out to my favorite fancams of Bom!


The day 2NE1 strutted themselves on the airport while holding hands, easily topping my list of favorite fancams. From them goofing off with blackjacks to holding hands, the sight of it was just amazing. The bond 2NE1 have can’t be described in any words, that’s how strong their bond is. The precious smiles of four is something I will forever cherish.


Just my noona effortlessly throwing out her clubbing moves yo. 2 chainz & rollieZzzzZZ a-yo!


Ugh Bom is just so super cute.


Bom talking to fans has always been in my favorite list. It’s just so sweet how she always manages to talk to fans while being on the go, many times has she been captured patiently signing for fans and asking her manager to wait even though he was telling her not to sign or hurry up. She’s such a sweet person.


Let’s end it with an amazing fancam of Bom during one of 2NE1’s Adidas gigs in Busan. The energy was amazing, the fans were so loud and she looked incredible. Her body is just damn, one of my goals since 2009– sadly it’s still just a goal but anyway I hope you enjoy this amazing ”I Am The Best” fancam!

These have been @nampikachu‘s staff picks edition. Did you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it? I hope this little corner gives us a little bit of that Bom love we need at this moment. Please anticipate more of these posts while our staff is thoroughly preparing it to give you a daily dose of Park Bom.

4 thoughts on “[WLB Staff Picks] 20 Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄 by Yasmine

  1. sohly

    Hey, you guys! Great article. But on #12, Bom wore that dress back in 2012, not 2011. This was around the time the girls released I Love You in Japan.


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