[WLB Staff Picks] 20 Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄 by Inès

Let’s roll out our fourth edition of ‘’Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄’’, brought to you by our lovely staff member Inès. Like our previous picks, Inès has picked fifteen favorite pictures and five fancam/videos of her—are you ready for a trip down her favorite picks? Continue reading!



Let’s start it off with this picture—a picture I picked because one of the reasons I love Bom so much is her fan-service. She always looks so happy when she interacts with her fans and it’s pretty clear she actually does care a lot about her fans.





This picture is from 2NE1’s photoshoot for Vogue Korea. I personally liked this editiorial a lot—Bom’s pose in this picture looks very natural and model-like. She stepped out of her comfort zone with her outfit and tried new things—atleast a new look which was surprising for me and I absolutely loved it.









Another editorial 2NE1 did for Vogue Korea back in 2009. It’s one of my favorite shoots and this solo picture of Bom is my absolute favorite because of her innocent yet sexy looks and how her long legs are shining so brightly. Her hair looks also amazing—I have a thing for Bom and curled locks.










By far one of my favorite looks Bom sported at the airport. She’s a true fashionista with her fashion being unique yet so stylish. It’s a pretty rare sight of Bom actually wearing jeans but shen she actually does wear them—she leaves everyone speechless.










Another airport look that’s among my favorites. I remember seeing this picture for the first time—it was around the time where we hadn’t seen Bom for such a while and I was so happy I couldn’t contain my feelings. Her porcelain skin and her long black hair stand out the most to me in this picture. Such a shame about the mask—though she still looks incredibly amazing. I love her long coat and how she styled it with black pumps and skinny jeans—indeed a true fashionista.









Doesn’t she look adorable here? Bom wearing beanies is always such a cute sight—it makes her always look younger. In this picture she still sported her red do—a look I miss a lot these days.










I don’t know where to start with this picture, she simply looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g. This dress was simply made for her—it emphasizes her curves so well. It’s a bit revealing yet still so classy. Do  I also need to point out how amazing her long legs look here? So smooth and skinny. Her hair is also on point—I love her brown hair a lot especially when she parts her bangs to the side—a look she really looks good in.








Bom with black hair will always be my favorite. It makes her porcelain skin stand out and it makes her look unreal & goddess-like. In this picture she sported an all-white look, which makes her incredible looks stand out even more especially with her see through top—subtly adding that sexy feel.








Screencaps from 2NE1tv Season 1. Bom with her bangs pinned to the side is such a rare sight so whenever she shows her forehead—I’m always in awe. Her apple hairstyle makes her look so adorable yet so innocent. What I also love about these caps is how she’s barely wearing any make-up giving her that natural and fresh vibe.






This picture was taken during YG Family Tour 2014. Queen B looks simply stunning & gorgeous. Her smile makes me so happy and the way she’s shining so brightly whenever she’s on stage. The contrast between her dress and legs make her look like an angel. Her dyed locks are also quite unique and super cute—it was the first time since her red hair & short hair days where she did something completely ‘’shocking’’ with her hair, and I love it.










Baby Bom back in 2009 looking super adorable—I just want to pinch those chubby cheeks.










Bom looking like the superstar she is in this picture. Her short hair is just pure love—it gives off a fresh vibe and simply looks amazing on her. I hope she showcases her short hair soon again—it suits her a lot.










I’m so envious of her moomin stuffed toy. The way Bom holds it & hugs it makes me so envious. I love this picture, she looks so cute holding it—just like a little kid.







I don’t really know the reason why I love this pre-debut polaroid so much but she looks so peaceful and young in this picture—even though it was one way before her debut—a stressful part of her life.












The day Bom’s tummy made an appearance! Best way to end the picture section right? She looks so good in this purikara and gyaru-like. Whenever Bom has her locks dyed to a shade of blonde—she looks like a real life barbie doll.







With the picture section aside, let’s roll out my favorite videos of our dear Bom!


A short fancam compilation of Bom at the airport. As I mentioned previously, Bom’s fan-service is one of the reasons I became a fan of her, and you can clearly see through airport fancams how nice and caring she is towards her fans. She will always wave, smile and act super cutely.


Super sexy—Lady Spring singing and dancing to ‘’Gotta Be You’’, those vocals and body rolls—hell YES!


Bom jamming to her hit song ‘’Don’t Cry’’. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any cuter, I saw this video and instantly melted from all the cuteness.


WARNING! If you have weak hearts—do not watch. Absolutely not. You will probably faint from all the sexiness and loveliness.


Last but not least, a video that basically screams; vocals, vocals & vocals. ‘’Missing You’’ is one of my favorite song by 2NE1. Bom’s vocals are so amazing in this song—especially when she sings it live.

This is sadly the end of @blessbom’s staff picks edition! I hope you all had a fun read, see you in our next staff edition!


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