[ANNOUNCEMENT] Birthday Celebration! (Hashtag, Balloon Project, Birthday Displays) — MUST READ

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Bom’s birthday is almost here which means it’s time to celebrate! Earlier we announced the birthday hash tag we will be using, here’s some more detailed information we hope everyone reads thoroughly so that the trending party will be a success later on!

The birthday hashtag was introduced earlier with a teaser video for our ‘’We’re Going UP!’’ project—which has gotten everyone hyped about our project and we are so touched by the immense support, especially after YG Entertainment notified us that they won’t be accepting gifts.

We sincerely hope a lot have participated in the balloon project—writing a simple message on the balloons without releasing it is enough too. We want Bom to see how much we love her—with something she recently showed her love for—balloons.

First up—


Like every year we will celebrate Bom’s birthday on Twitter by making her hash tag trend on the worldwide tags. Every year it has been a success and we hope it’s a success this year too! The trending party will take place on the

23RD OF MARCH23.30pm KST. (We will be following the Korean time zone—so please check your own time zones for it.)

We will be trending #박봄HasBloomed!

Make sure your Twitter account is unlocked as it won’t trend if you use the hash tag. ONE HASHTAG per tweet is ENOUGH. Multiple tags in one tweet wont trend!!!

Please refrain from using the hash tag UNTIL it’s the time to use it. If we use it before, there’s a chance it might not trend and the back-up trend isn’t as good as this.

‘’We’re Going UP!’’ Project:

balloons wlb

Have you gathered all the balloons? Now all you have to do is write either 박봄 or #박봄HasBloomed on it! (Don’t worry, if you forgot or couldn’t write it on it, you can also edit it or just leave it be.)

Now all you have to do is take a picture with the balloons! Camera shy? No problem! Face the camera with your back to is, so all we see is your backside and the balloons! — For example:


Record a video! Releasing the balloons is OPTIONAL. If you actually RELEASE the balloons, make sure it’s allowed in your country/city and ask permission. NOT RELEASING the balloons? That’s completely fine! Take a picture with your balloons and when you’re finished, you can just store them in your room till they sink in or give your little cousins/brothers & sisters.

Around 30 minutes after we trend on Twitter—which is exactly on the 24th March,

Upload your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #박봄HasBloomed & #WereGoingUP! Tag @haroobommi on Instagram (& @welovebom so we can find your work easily)

Upload your video (if you have filmed it) on Instagram—with the same hashtags as above. Don’t forget to tag Bom & us!!!

You can do this throughout the 24th March, we hope Bom browses the tag and actually sees it.

Tweet your pictures and/or videos also on Twitter while we trend for our Goddess!

**WeLoveBom will be reposting a few, the videos will also be used for a birthday tribute video.



Birthday Icons!!!

These birthday icons represent Park Bom in an unique way, and let’s not forget… it includes her Birthday hashtag!!! The meaning of these six icons is that fans on twitter will use any of these while celebrating Bom’s Birthday! So what are you waiting for? Have you set any from these as your display picture yet?

I hope everyone is properly enlightened on the activities that will take place on Bom’s birthday and I hope that everyone participates in this small event. For any other questions, please mention @welovebom—though I highly recommend to mention @nampikachu.

Yours sincerely,

WeLoveBom staff.

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