It’s Always #GottaBe박봄 Our 2nd-Trending Event on Bom’s Birthday a Success

ww2 Remember this last minute trending event? Amidst it being announced thirty minutes before the actually event, ‘’#GottaBe박봄‘’ was a success just as much as the first event!

Many wondered why we we’re actually trending this, right an hour before the 24th of March ended and with this post we would like to enlighten a few who still wonder. This event was purely to show our continuous love and support to Park Bom since she’s lurking on both Instagram & Twitter.

It was a wonderful way to end such a successful day—where Bom actually came online and liked a few pictures on Instagram showing our trending success for her birthday and the success of Chinese Blackjacks their donation to charity under her name!

What more way was to end this wonderful day with another trending party?

It was a simple gesture and honestly, all staff didn’t expect it to trend in the last hour of the day we planned it—but Blackjacks are simply just amazing. Just thirty minutes in—and we trended worldwide on the 3rd place! Isn’t that such an amazing achievement?

We had two Twitter trending events on the SAME day and we actually trended worldwide on BOTH events! The most amazing thing of this all was—Bom actually knows about both events, that they actually trended worldwide just for her!


Article: WLB Staff

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