Trending Party for Bom’s Birthday Celebration Was a Success! #박봄HasBloomed

wwThanks to all the blackjacks around the world—our prepared event for Park Bom’s birthdayon Twitter was an immense success!

On the 23rd 11.30 PM KST, we had planned a trending event for Bom where we would throw out all the Bom related things we love on Twitter along with the hashtag ‘’#박봄HasBloomed’’—and with all the blackjacks around the world the event was a complete success. We managed to trend right before Bom’s birthday hit in Korea and also throughout on the 24th of March for a couple of hours.

It was such a huge blast, we all had so much fun and our effort did not go to waste as it trended for hours worldwide—and more hours through out a few countries.

See below the caps, isn’t it a wonderful sight? We all just have to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

bkk brzph mysgvietHong Kong





Article: WLB staff

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