[WLB Staff Picks] 20 Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄 by Gie

It’s been a few days but we’re back with our sixth edition of ‘’Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄’’ written by our lovely staff member Gie. Like all the previous editions, Gie has fished out some time and picked out her favorite fifteen pictures of Bom and five fancams, specially for all the fans since we miss Bom so much. What are you waiting for? Hurry reading!



“What ‘chu lookin at?” This is probably one of the first pictures I saved of Bom back in 2009. She might be glaring at the camera but she still looks super cute! (Everything she does is cute in my eyes) chu~ I Don’t Care era for Bom was all about them sexy mini dresses she pulled off effortlessly.



Back when ‘’Me2Day’’ was the ‘’it’’ thing, Dara posted this picture of Bommie showing off her milky white legs. “In 2NE1, Bom takes charge of the ’shapely legs’ and gives us power!ㅋㅋㅋ” I’ve had this photo ever since!


Park Bom

I just love this picture. This is also one of the first pictures I saw of Bom when I just started getting into 2NE1. I thought Bom was really beautiful—which she still is! I loved her from the time I started watching 2NE1tv Season 1—she’s funny, cute and super pretty. I also find her adorable in every little thing she does.



I really love 2NE1’s MAMA performance back in 2009. From 2NE1’s group performance of ‘’I Don’t Care’’ Musical Version, to solos like Bom’s ‘’You and I’’. Love it to bits. They killed it basically. This picture was taken from that stage, she looks super cute with her ‘’Ice Cream’’ dress—I’ve always wanted that dress actually, even ‘til now I still want it.



This was taken during 2NE1’s concert performance in the Philippines—‘’2NE1: Party in Manila’’. I love this picture because of her smile. You can tell she’s super happy whenever on stage—when she’s performing in front of her fans, her genuine smile takes over her lips.



This picture screams “WORK IT!”. She looks so sassy yet so strong. The stage outfits for New Evolution cocnert is A+++! Cheerleader Bom is ♥



This was taken during their ”New Evolution Concert Tour” in Seoul. She looks so radiant in this picture –I just love whenever Bom does the heart shape with both arms. I feel her love for all the fans. (We love you more Bom!)



Bom’s photoshoot for ”Allure” was probably one of best photo shoots ever. Even with minimal make-up, she looks stunning. This behind the scene picture took my breath away. She looks like a goddess. ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ


201310071204083310_1A surprise selfie of Bom greeting her fans– “Good Morning Hong Kong!”. She stunned us with her bare faced selfie– a rare sight for us to see. All of Bom’s selfie’s are so precious. She’s too precious. I mean look at her!



Bommie in pigtails is super cute! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ I remember when first I saw this picture, I immediately google’d for a higher quality one. I love her hair and make-up during this ”Do You Love Me” performance. She looks so young and fresh.



There’s just something about this picture that I love. Maybe it’s her smile? her hair? or maybe it’s because it’s Bom! Nevertheless, this had to make it in my ”Staff Picks”.



Let me just start by ”Doesn’t she look like a doll?” I’m in love! She looks so pretty with her blonde hair. I have tons of pictures of Bom from this event alone because P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. My collection might even grow some more.



I’ve always loved this move from the ”Fire” performances. I have a collection of gif’s and pictures of this move alone. (I hope that’s not so creepy. It’s just so sexy~) Bless the choreographer. Seriously!



I have tons of ”All Or Nothing Concert” pictures of Bom since working at ”WeLoveBom”. But this is my most favorite one. Effortlessly breathtaking. Need I say more?



She looks super adorable in this picture (and a lot from other sources too!). This is actually my current wallpaper and I love opening my tablet to see Bom’s cuteness. Fun Fact: My phone and tablet has Bom as wallpapers. Please don’t find that weird. ^^;

Lets roll out my favorite videos/fancams!



”Mnet Music Asian Awards 2009”– Bom’s solo performance for ”You and I” As I mentioned earlier, I really love this performance. Hence, video too!


This is why I love Bom. She’s super cute and weird– 8D indeed! This is her showing her talent.



Bom singing in Tagalog– Dara’s hit song ”In or Out”. A MUST SEE! Oh my god! You guys don’t know how much times I actually played this video. Too adorable!



This might not be a Bom focused video, but they’re so funny in here. It also showcased her famous ”leg workout routine” which I saw being mentioned in a lot of K-Blogs.



Last but definitely not the least, Bom’s hilarious cut with Seunghoon– when 2NE1 visited WINNER at their dorm. I just love how they bicker and Bom’s too asdfghjkl; CUTE!

Sadly we’ve reached the end of @duckymino‘s staff picks! I hope everyone had fun reading this staff pick, please anticipate our next few! Until then!

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