2NE1’s Park Bom to Drop Her Very First OST for New ‘’TBS’’ Drama?


It has been reported that fierce girl group member—2NE1’s Park Bom is set to debut her very first original soundtrack for ‘’TBS’’ their new drama ‘’Flowers for Algernon’’.

TBS’ announced the live-action drama adaption of Daniel Keyes’ word famous masterpiece in early February—a story about a mentally disabled young man with a low IQ who becomes a genius after getting a surgery which causes him to look down on the people who surround him gradually isolating him.

Even though the piece has been adapted in to several movies, drama’s and stage plays— Nojima Shinji is not afraid to take the challenge on by making his own adaption of the series.

‘’It hadn’t been easy finding the perfect musician fit for the soundtrack’’, Shinji commented once asked about the chosen artist. ‘’We had a hard time convincing but after having released many hit collaborations mainly in our homeland, we thought something fresh and new would suit the image we went for more with this drama adaption’’.

2NE1’s Park Bom isn’t unfamiliar to the scene, in fact she has participated in many releases of her label mates’ their Japanese albums such as ‘’OH YEAH’’ and ‘’Black’’. Not to mention her hit releases with her group mates 2NE1—such as ‘’Go Away’’, ‘’Scream’’, ‘’I Love You”, ‘’CRUSH’’ and many more.

The cast for ‘’Flowers for Algernon’’ had slowly been announced—consisting of Kuriyama Chiaki, Yamashita, Kubota Masataka, Kudo Asuka and Kikuchi Fuma (Sexy Zone). Filming started in early March.

‘’Flowers for Algernon’’ is set to air on the 9th of April on TBS.

**Park Bom wont participate in any promotional activities for the soundtrack

Source: mdpr.jp

それは激しいガールズグループメンバー-2NE1のパク·ボムは ” TBS ”彼らの新しいドラマ ”アルジャーノンに花束を ”のための彼女の非常に最初のオリジナルサウンドトラックをデビューするように設定されていることが報告されている。



” ‘これは、簡単にサウンドトラックのための完全なミュージシャンのフィットを見つけていなかった」、シンジは一度選択したアーティストについて尋ねコメントしています。 ”私たちは、説得苦労しましたが、主に私たちの祖国に多くのヒットコラボレーションをリリースした後、私たちはこのドラマの適応とよりに行ってきましたイメージに合う新鮮で新しい何かを考えた ”。

2NE1のパク·ボムは、実際には彼女が「OH YEAH ”と ”ブラック ” ‘のような彼らの日本のアルバム「彼女のレーベルメイトの多くのリリースに参加して、シーンに不慣れではありません。 2NE1 – そのような「CRUSH ”と、より多くの ‘、 “私はあなたを愛し’ ‘、’スクリーム ” ‘、’ ‘アウェイ行く’ ‘として彼女のグループの仲間と彼女のヒットのリリースは言うまでもありません。

”アルジャーノンに花束を ”のためのキャストがゆっくりと発表-からされていた栗山千明、山下、久保田正隆、工藤明日香と菊池風魔(セクシーゾーン)の。撮影は3月上旬に開始。




Translated by: Renee@WeLoveBom


19 thoughts on “2NE1’s Park Bom to Drop Her Very First OST for New ‘’TBS’’ Drama?

  1. Alyalovebom

    I was screaming when I saw this eventhought I just read the email and didnt read the entire email , ahhhhhh so exciting ! We miss you park bom unnie !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Alyalovebom

      I mean excited 🙂 sorry for my bad english. We miss you park bom !!!!!!!! ❤️❤️😘😘😽😽

  2. bomna_ik

    just got notified from my email… anything that related to Park Bom made me excited to read…lol… wish soon… may see her frequently…adore..love..her..soo muchhh..

  3. mike.choi

    two words: SOLO ALBUM!!!!!!

    i really wish she’s been using this downtime to actually record and prepare for a SOLO ALBUM!!! hehehe, but until then, this will do! 🙂


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