[WLB Staff Picks] 20 Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄 by Rida

Ready for our seventh edition of ‘’Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄’’ written by our dear staff member Rida. Like all the previous times, this edition will feature fifteen favorite pictures of Bom and five favorite fancams by Rida herself. She had a tough time since, come on every picture is an ultimate favorite but if we had to tone it down to say… twenty pictures and fancams it’ll go a little like this:


The reason behind me choosing this set of four selfies is that they’re simply—perfect. It left me amazing the first time I saw them and it leaves me feeling the same every time I take another glance.


Goofy Bom—although this picture is sort of un-focused, I came to really like it!


Bom—the true lover of food. Her pictures with food are always the most comical ones, and because I thought It’d make sense to include every known and loved side/aspect of her in this spread, here you go.


My favorite fan-taken picture (bless this photographer). The fact that it’s black and white just contributes to the atmosphere of tranquillity the photograph brings me each time I look at it. Simply stunning with her hair flowing in the wind.


Another picture from the same event (we got a theme here hmm?!). I know she’s facing the camera with her back, but this shot really caught my attention. Especially because of her recently green-dyed hair which I totally loved! Because she’s with her back towards the camera it gives one the chance to take a more careful look into her figure, so gorgeous!


The most adorable-squishy human being. Period.


You just got to love some sassy-Bom. I just loved her brown straight hair too much.


I have this picture pasted right at the side of my bed, so I can always stare at the lady who makes me the happiest and inspires me the most. It brings me a sense of strength, perhaps it’s the pose. It also brings me back to the time I fell in love with Bom, nostalgia is always so strong isn’t it?


Cause early debut-era Bom is my favourite and this picture features killing eye makeup + smile and peace sign pose.


Pre-debut Bom. Super loooooooov. Love the mysteriousness to the picture. It’s so simple yet so exciting.


Had to include this picture of Bom sporting my all-time favorite look. Plain black dress with that glorious red hair and gorgeous side-profile.


She just looks so cheerful and cute in this one I had to include it! I also really like when Bom wears black dresses (just like the one above this)


Gold-eyed-Bom. I’ll always live for this editorial. 1st Look did great in killing me (metaphorically speaking) with this one.


I’ve always loved how natural she looks in this picture—It’s so rare for us to get any of this regularly!


FAVORITE PICTURE ALERT! Kind of funny as I had convinced myself for ages that I wasn’t actually too fond of blonde-Bom. Her smile is just the most beautiful thing in this world to me.

Let’s roll out my favorite fancams/videos of all time!


Bom’s legendary tumbling. This is one among many other situations where Bom showcases how unpredictable she actually can be. In one instant you might think you know her, and the next she pulls something like this.


OH MY GOD! SHE LOOKS LITERALLY SO BEAUTIFUL WALKING, like she’s walking at an actual catwalk for a show… So cute and precious and—I love her so much. (you guys get it, right?!)


She just looks so breath-taking here! The look is a total killer. Notice how she stops to give a few autographs in spite of looking in a hurry? She’s always sweet to her fans.


Bom showing her vulnerability in midst of tough times. We’re always with you princess.


Best for last right?! I saw this fancam and immediately fell in love with it. She always waves to her fans and makes sure they know she’s seen them.

Sadly we have yet again reached the end of @mgdfsc’s staff picks! Did you enjoy reading them? We sure hope you did! Thankyou for reading, please patiently wait for our next staff edition! Just two more to go! 


1 thought on “[WLB Staff Picks] 20 Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄 by Rida

  1. Boms#1

    Bommie is sooo Beautiful inside and out. She will always be my Ultimate Bias. Love you always ParkBom “Lady Spring”😘💖


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