[NOTICE] TTWO x WLB Birthday Support 2015


We would like to address our Birthday Support project for Park Bom that was finished on the 24th of March.

First off we would like to apologize that we can’t go into details about it—we humbly ask for everyone to understand and respect the decision TTWO & WLB made after much discussions. We have collected donations and put them into good use by buying gifts Bom would sincerely like.

A rough week before Bom’s birthday, we we’re notified of YG Entertainment not accepting our gifts this year and thanked us for the continuous support, however a day before Bom’s birthday, we we’re told last minute that they would accept whatever we had prepared.

Of course our plans had been ruined after we cancelled our orders but then had to re-do it last minute which was impossible for some things but in the end it worked out well.

We would like to thank each one of you that participated and made this a huge success. The gifts had been bought by the lovely TTWO Master who rushed amidst being busy, and we can positively say Bom has received our gifts filled with love.

Also we would like to assure you all the money we collected has been put to good use, and for now all we can give you is confirmation about the gifts we prepared with all the donated money by all of you have reached Bom safe and sound. Maybe in the near future we will be able to reveal everything but until then please understand the decision of YG Entertainment, TTWO & WLB.

Thank you sincerely,

WeLoveBom Master.

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