[WLB Staff Picks] 20 Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄 by Cathy

It’s been a while isn’t it? It’s time for our eighth edition of ‘’Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄’’ written by our lovely translator and blogger, Cathy! Like all of us she probably had a hard time picking her favorites but she managed it and here are her favorite fifteen pictures and five fancams! Have fun reading!


Let’s start off with this. This photo is pretty much memorable– I remember seeing this as it’s the first picture ever i saw of Bom.  It’s from 2NE1’s Fire (Space Version) music video which obviously was released five years ago. I was introduced to 2NE1 by my cousin since Sandara Park is pretty popular in the Philippines and she’s in the group so I searched them on the internet. Bom was the one who caught my attention the most making her my first bias in 2NE1. She was so gorgeous and cute but sexy at the same time. Her charm is just so unique and this outfit that she’s wearing suits her perfectly!



This picture is just too glorious to not post! Bom has been known for her perfectly shaped legs–  But there’s something in this picture that emphasized them even more. Her hair is styled prettily as well and her stare is just so deadly *_* Let’s not talk about her outfit because it might take me forever to express how I feel about it. LOL  It’s so simple yet so sexy ♥.♥ How i wish we can see more photos of her like this.



And yet another memorable picture. This was when 2NE1 visited the Philippines as a group for the first time way back in 2011 for “The Party”. This picture was taken at NAIA Airport and I can’t explain the feeling I had back when I saw these pictures from Twitter & Tumblr since I know that we’re breathing the same air. I was still so young that time so I didn’t think of going to the airport or to their press conference which I regretted the most. But I went to the concert and saw them for the first time and it was truly a great and memorable experience! That was what made me realize that no matter what happens, I will support these girls forever ♥



Most of my favorite pictures actually come from 2NE1’s AON concert. It’s simply because I can see her the happiest whenever she’s with Blackjacks. You can see it in her smile. You can feel it although she doesn’t say a single word. She’s the happiest when she has her favorite doll, Poong Poong too. Which is why this picture made it to my favorite pictures of Bom. All I can wish for is to see her happy like this all the time. She deserves to be happy.



This photo is a teaser for 2NE1’s “All Or Nothing” concert and my heart couldn;t take it when I saw this picture. The word “perfect” is not enough to describe how divine she looks in here. Her eyes are so expressive and the make-up is so heavenly. ♥♥♥ I love the concept and the way the photo was taken too. 



This is a screenshot from Bom’s performance with Se7en way back 2012 and can I just say that this is the most fab hair that Bom EVER HAD!? Oh Lord, how can a human being be so perfect? Those eyes, and lips.. that side profile ♥ What I like the most about this hairstyle is that it revealed Bom’s  forehead 😵 How I wish she can just have this hairstyle forever. 



From 2NE1’s Me2day Starchat ♥ She’s so adorable looking down at something and it just makes me want to pinch her cheeks ❤ And I love her hair color here too it looks beautiful ♥



One of the best screenshots that I ever made for WeLoveBom. This is from Roommate episode 2 where Park Bom just entered and she was having a conversation with a few guys inside the Roommate house. She was so adorable and I like how she looks so innocent and cute here. Even her facial expression is soooo cute TT__TT 



This screenshot is from 2NE1’s Falling In Love music video which proves that Bom is a living goddess! She is beyond stunning in this music video and the way she looks at the camera everytime makes my heart explode T^T



I love how Bom is styled in this picture! Her hair looks beautiful and the dress is so elegant and it’s like it was made just for her. I’m so inlove with it 😍 I don’t know why but I love seeing Bom wearing black dresses. I loooove the shoes too, I wonder how she can walk while wearing those lol 😂



Well, the girls always manage to turn the airport into a runway. This just proves it. When i saw this picture on Korean news portals, i panicked and I felt like throwing my laptop away because BOM SLAYED ME. Yes, she did! You’re lying if you’ll say that you didn’t feel the same way 😉 Hehe. Her airport fashion is always so simple but she can rock it. And her legs are so heavenly i can just stare at them forever *__*



I find this picture really cute ❤ This was when Bom came back to Korea from Philippines and Minwoo & Kangjun went to fetch her at the airport and made her choose between their gifts– bread or flowers and she chose bread ㅋㅋㅋ What else do we expect? She’s adorable while drinking smoothie too, and i love how the photo is taken 😏



No words needed.



I remember how my heart skipped a beat after seeing this photo. Her face is that of an angel, and her cute lips omggg ❤ I am madly inlove with this woman T__T Everytime i see the twinkle in her eyes, I’,m reminded of how humble and lovely she is, and she deserve all the love that she’s getting. She probably deserve more than that.



The last picture on my list is taken from All Or Nothing concert in the Philippines. It was probably the most memorable night of my life as I was able to see the four of them up close. There are no words to describe how beautiful and adorable they are especially when they are together. They shine even brighter. And this picture is just too precious and it’s the best shot of Bom during the concert for me.

Let’s roll out a few of my favorite fancams/videos!


This is when Bom was leaving the studio after performing with Se7en. Oh so cute~


It was taken from Semyung University performance and they are performing I Love You ^~^


Her voice is so angelic here~



She’s so beautiful ❤

Sadly we have reached the end of @ilove2ne1girls’ picks but we hope everyone had fun reading them as much as she had fun writing them. Our staff edition is near its end as there’s one more staff pick edition left, I hope everyone enjoyed this little corner our staff prepared thoroughly, please anticipate our last edition!


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