150522 Park Bom’s Vocal Teacher, Park Ji Huang Mentions Bom on Interview “The Most Memorable Star!”

Park Ji Huang Master is the current producer of Girl’s Day, as well as the vocal trainer/teacher for 2NE1’s Park Bom and Se7en. We (did) an interview on him with topics on “The Outstanding Singer” and “How to Become an Outstanding Singer”. We hoped that we could assist the public who has big dreams in becoming a singer.

Q. Among the students you taught in this period of time, which student is the most memorable to you?

A: I like all my students, but come to think of it, it was 2NE1’s Park Bom. Park Bom is the student among all that gave me a lot of feels.

In order to qualify herself for YG Entertainment, she went through 4 long years of practices. She went through YG Entertainment’s four stages, and after she was disqualified at the final stage for 3 times, she finally succeeded. The incident happened in a period of 4 years. In my memory, she was the most passionate compared to the other students. She is the type that no matter what, she must do the best, the strong type of student.

Plus, I’m the type of trainer that provides aggressive training on my students. In one of the training, there is one that calls the pronunciation tones articulation. In that 4 years of perfecting herself, Bom practices every day. Honestly in the beginning, I thought she was just okay singing KTV, but after that she begins to have astonishing improvements. So after continuing this sort of training, she showed her live singing skills that was almost the same levels of any overseas singers. Finally, her efforts had really paid off after such a long time.

*irrelevant part has been omitted* 

Source via silent_angel

Translated by: 2NE1 MALAYSIA


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