[NOTICE] From WeLoveBom’s Admin. [Please Read]


Dear lovely readers of welovebom.com,

It’s been such a while since we delivered anything exciting regarding Bom but at this moment we have nothing to deliver since she’s still on a hiatus. We would rather see it as a good thing for now, like that one saying goes, ‘’Good things come to those who wait’’. It’s a perfect motto for us fans right at this moment, right? No matter whom we blame, who we call out, who we attack or say bad things about, the reality won’t change. She’s on a hiatus and we strongly believe she will come back.

Now while we wait patiently, we had an option of going on hiatus ourselves—but that wouldn’t be so exciting now would it?

So I, the admin gathered up all our staff and discussed a MAJOR throwback.

That’s right, the MAJOR throwback includes, 2NE1 from the start. 2009 till present, we will do our very best in delivering every little thing we or you might’ve missed out on. The newer fans can enjoy an old throwback with content that will be new for them, and the older fans can just enjoy those precious moments and re-live them again.

We will also bring out the older ‘’Me2Day’’ Bom- related posts with translations as well as Bom’s older Twitter account [@harooluvstar] tweets (+trans) and her current new account [@haroobomkum] tweets with translations, so don’t miss out!

Our MAJOR throwback is set to start on the 1st of October 2015, so don’t be confused and think there’s new event pictures, or something is wrong with WeLoveBom, I hope everyone is/will be excited for this, our staff has been preparing hard!

We will try our very best in bringing you EVERYTHING 2009-2015 Bom/2NE1 related so please don’t mind if we mix up something or miss out on something.

Thank you very much for reading,

WeLoveBom Admin.

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