090122 YG Entertainment, ”5-Member Girl Group Will Debut in April”


“The members and songs have been decided. The only thing left is the group’s name”, said YG Entertainmentwhose girl group has become the music industry’s hot topic of discussion even before their debut with the title of Female Big Bang.

They are now recording their album and preparing for an April debut. Sandara Park who has attracted much interest and discussions about her inclusion has been officially added to the group. Park Bom, CL,Gong Min Ji, Sandara Park along with another member (yet to be revealed) will make up the 5-member girl group and match the same number of members in Big Bang.

Their official debut date may however differ according to how far they go in their recording sessions. However, as of now, it’s expected that they will still debut in April.

Studio recordings have already begun on the 19th with Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon being put in charge of producing their debut album.


The group name is still pending. There have been stories that the group’s name would be Sista. But that wasn’t a name that was put out by YG Entertainment and is actually something that the fans themselves have created.

According to a YG Entertainment staff, “The members and the basic date of their debut have been finalized, but we haven’t decided on their group name yet. Once it’s decided, everything regarding them will be confirmed. But there are a lot of worries now because no good names have surfaced as yet.”

If ‘Female Big Bang’ releases their debut album in April as expected, then the first half of this year will really heat up with intense competition between numerous girl groups. Following in the footsteps of theWonder Girls from last year, Kara’s Pretty Girl was released and is still being performed. This was followed by So Nyeo Shi Dae making their comeback in January and Pledis Entertainment After School girl group subsequently in the same month.

That’s not all. Former Wonder Girls member Kim HyunA will also debut with a 3-member girl group in March and with ‘Female Big Bang’ debuting a month later, the competition is expected to get really intense. If JYP Entertainment ‘Wonder Girls 2′ and SM Entertainment ‘The Second Soshi’ also make their debut within this year, a Girl Group Renaissance will occur over a period of time.

Translated by rangminlon@TYGS + Rachel Lee.@soompi +http://coolsmurf.wordpress.com/

Full Credits to: YGLadies.com


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