090226 Yang Hyun Suk: “Female Big Bang’s weapon is refreshing music”


According to Yang Hyun Suk, ‘The female Big Bang‘,unlike Wonder Girls and SNSD, will have refreshing music like Big Bang does.

YG Entertainment’s representative, Yang Hyun Suk (39) introduced the “female Big Bang,” who will debut around April~May, in a recent interview with YeonHap News. This group, which some netizens believe is named “Sista,” although the name has not been determined yet, consists of Park Bom, Gong MinJI, CL, and Park Sandara.

Representative Yang said, “Rather than competing with Wonder Girls, SNSD, or other female groups, they will probably have diverse music […] The members have been confirmed: Park Bom, who participated in the AnyCall CF with Lee Hyori and Lee Junki; Gong Minji, granddaughter of Ms. Gong Okjin, a traditional Korean dancer; very skillful CL, who searched for me at YG to give me a demo without prior arrangement; and Philippines star Park Sandara, whom I was debating whether to include in the group.”

He then explained, “I thought that Park Sandara would be more fitting as an actress, but I was pleasantly surprised after she recorded with 1TYM’s Teddy. If the other members are like meat soup, which has been boiling for a long time, Park Sandara is like the salt [which you spray on top]. Whether she was influenced by the tough natures of her colleagues or not, I even discovered a hiphop disposition in her. As for CL, famous American music label Interscope’s president Jimmy Ivan was amazed by her talent when he saw her.

Representative Yang also said, “I decided to have them debut once they reach their full potential. Although they have practiced singing and dancing in the practice room together for a long time, I anticipate them to improve as the days pass.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20090226n05526
Translated by melodygreenleaf + YG Secret: 2NE1
Full Credits to @YGLadies,com


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