090327 LG Releases ”Lollipop” CF Featuring Labelmates ”Female Big Bang” & Big Bang


LG released the Lollipop CF ‘Lollipop Project’ to promote its CYON series ( Lollipop, model name :LG-SV800, KH8000, LH8000).


‘Lollipop Project’ is said to be not only a CF that introduces the product, but also features music, choreography and fashion that reflects that of the young generation. And it is a collaboration between LG and YG Entertainment.

It features group Big Bang and also ‘female Big Bang group’ SISTA who are set to debut. Together, they will promote as ‘Lollipop Project group’

The CF to ‘Lollipop Project’ will be released on CYON site (www.cyon.co.kr) on 28th March, and the concept to the MV will be its unique pop art. The CF will start airing on TV in April.

YG‘s Teddy did the lyrics and also Big Bang G-Dragon participated in the producing of ‘Lollipop’. With its stylish music and repetitive beat, the song said to be a type of Hook Song. And Big Bang and SISTA did the dance to ‘Lollipop’ in the CF together.

Meanwhile, the MV to ‘Lollipop’ featuring Big Bang and SISTA will be released on 3rd April on CYON homepage.

Cr. sookyeong @ K BITES & YGLadies.com


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