090327 ‘’Female Bigbang’’ Officially Named ’’21’’


The official name YG upcoming group, also known as ‘Female Bigbang’ to netizens, has been revealed. YG Entertainment revealed on 27th March, “The 4-member group, known as ‘Female Bigbang’, will be officially named 21 (투 애니 원).” 

The meaning to the name is that the group will produce music that is fresh like the age of 21. And like the number ‘21′ in a game of blackjack, it means to never lose.

The fans have been waiting for the group to be officially named for some time. ‘21′ will consist of members Sandara ParkPark BomCL and Gong Min Ji. The team leader will be CL.

The group has already made topic amongst netizens when they did a CF for LG CYON with group Big Bang. Their CF was also revealed on 27th March.

The group will debut beginning of May. Furthermore, their debut album will have Big Bang’s G-Dragon as one of their producers, making their debut an even more anticipating one for music fans.

Cr. Star News ,kbites & YGLadies.com


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