090329 ”21” To Become YG’s Hit Girl Group


The time when you could survive with just one hit success has passed. With the new spring atmosphere, many entertainment companies are moving busily to receive warm spring, which symbolizes change and freshness. YG Entertainment, SM entertainment, DSP entertainment, JYP entertainment are all working their hardest to mark their grounds; to make groups that represent their company.

First of all, YG has revealed their plan; they are preparing to debut a new female group to continue the legend of Big Bang (debut in 2006); 21 (To Anyone) is scheduled to debut soon.

21 is already experiencing publicity before their official debut for singing ‘Lollipop’ with Big Bang.  Lollipophas been ranked on the top on many music downloading sites amongst songs of  Son Dam Bi, Seo Taeji, and Super Junior.

They are stirring up high interest already for being the first female idol group YG is showing. A producer said about this phenomenon as ‘nothing guarantees your safety with just one hit group.

If you have successful male and female groups, it definitely helps in promoting the new singer/group you may be preparing.  Because the fans most consist of young teens to 20s, the presence of male and female groups become crucial.

Hence, many entertainment companies are trying hard to create that successful idol group’.

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