090330 YG Announces Name Change, From ”21” to ”2NE1”


YG clears up about the matter of ‘Female Bigbang’ group 21 having the same name as another singer.

YG said, “It is such a shame that we didn’t thought of a singer with the same name. Even though we do not have any plans to change their name, we will change the English name of ‘To Anyone (투애니원)’ to 2NE1. Though they have the same name, the meaning to the names are different. Hence we hope that fans will not misunderstand. Please continue to support the group.” Meanwhile, 4-member group 2NE1 prepares to debut in May. YG  further stated, “2NE1″ will be used as their logo,once they truly debut through an album or single.”

YG has officially decided not to use ‘To Anyone’, since that is already being used by the artist 21 (To Anyone). He said, “I’m so sorry to 21. We did not check in advance if anyone else had the name. 2NE1 will be their official name.”NE” stands for New Evolution,and the “21” also stands for the 21st century.Therefore,2NE1 will be the new evolution of the 21st century.YG also said, 2NE1 will be introduced as a female group with always having new challenges with a new form of music.” 

A YG rep said, 2NE1 will formally debut in May,and have been preparing for 4 years for good songs and activities this year.”

Cr. Kbites, Mydaily, JoyNews & YGLadies.com

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