090418 ”Lollipop” Almost Snags A Win on Music Bank, Is Excluded The Week After


Last week in Music Bank’s K-chart, Lollipop ranked 2nd and surprised alot of fans and people because the song never got any promotion.

However, this week, people were even more surprised that Lollipop was no longer in the K-chart, not even in the top 50.

According to Music Bank’s K-chart website, Lollipop was pulled out/excluded with a reason of that it was a song for an advertisement.

Fans are puzzled by ‘Lollipop’, sang by Big Bang and 2NE1, disappeared on KBS Music Bank K Chart #1 spot contestant list in just 1 week.

The song was up for the #1 spot on the chart during the show on 10th April, together with Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Son DamBi’s ‘Saturday Night’. Back then, Son DamBi’s ‘Saturday Night’ had won the #1 spot.

The song was expected to be up for the #1 spot again on 17th April, but many fans are puzzled why it did not appear for the #1 contestant list again, and they had posted up queries on the forums on Music Bank website.

It was then explained that the song being a CM song, has limited number of times it can be up on the chart. This is the regulations set for CM songs for the chart in view for that there will be product placement on the show.

Especially since ‘Lollipop’ is the name of the product it is used for promoting. The reason why the song was up on the chart on the 10th was that it was #1 on various online charts.

Cr. kbites, xRu_Sarangx @ soompi (2NE1’s photos thread); Music Bank’s homepage & YGLadies.com


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