090501 – 090504 2NE1 Releases Member Teasers & Debut Single ”FIRE” Snippets

Ahead of their debut on 6th May, 4-member group 2NE1‘s debut song ‘Fire’ 1st teaser has been revealed.

The song was revealed on the group’s official homepage. And for the first teaser, a 20-sec long audio clip is revealed. And for everyday after this, teaser of 10 seconds longer will be revealed one by one.

The song ‘Fire’ is a fast hip hop song with a reggae feel. And the full MV will be revealed on 6th May. And the group will have their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May.

2NE1 also revealed the youngest member Minzy’s teaser pictures,


090502 2NE1 ‘Fire’ 2nd teaser revealed; teaser viewed by 200K viewers in just a day

The 2nd teaser to 2NE1‘s upcoming debut song ‘Fire’ has been revealed. This teaser, like as described, is 10 seconds longer than the 1st teaser at 30 seconds long.

Also, together with the 2nd teaser, new photos of member Sandara Park has also been revealed. The teaser is known to have roused much interests from fans and netizens – in 1 day of the teaser release, it has attracted over 200K views online.

2NE1 20s teaser to ‘Fire’ gets overwhelming interests from music fans

Netizens asked, “2NE1 is really a newcomer?”

YG upcoming female group 2NE1 released the 1st teaser of 20sec to their debut single title song ‘Fire’ on 1st May on their official website. And it has attracted 200,000 views in just 1 day into its reveal – great interests roused from netizens and music fans.

YG representative said on 2nd May, “From the opening of 2NE1‘s official website till now, we get about 50,000 views a day on the site. But with the release of the teaser, the traffic to the site went over 200,000. Our server went down because of the huge traffic.”

With the release of the 1st teaser, netizens’ responses are:

  • “The song is different from ‘Lollipop’, it’s shocking because we expected it to be the same”
  • CL‘s voice is so charming”
  • “I’m so anticipating now because there is only the 20 sec ver[sion”

‘Fire’s lyrics and composition are both done by YG Entertainment’s 1TYM Teddy.

The full version of the MV will be released on the 6th.

090503 2NE1 Releases 3rd Teaser of ”FIRE” along with leader CL pictures

090504 50 Seconds of ”FIRE” along with Park Bom Teasers

Cr. YG Entertainment & KBites


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