090507 Will 2NE1 Be The Best Newcomer of 2009? Debut MVs Get A Million Views In Less Than A Day


Newcomers Girlgroup 2NE1 has been predicted to be best newcomer of 2009.

With their debut single ‘Fire’ going up to #1 on charts just after being released on Cyworld and Bugs along with their MVs getting a million+ views in just less than 1 day after release, Gom TV (which was the first to reveal the MVs) shared, “New singer group 2NE1 gets more than 1 million views for their MVs in just less than a day which is a wonderful result beyond anyone’s expectations.”

YG Entertainment also revealed, “YG’s Homepage plus internet community Bestiz also got overwhelming responses for the MV receiving more than 2 million views. Such overwhelming response is beyond what we have imagined.”

Netizens’ responses to the new group is also positive, “It is good that we get to see a girlgroup that is different from what we normally get”.

A special making video for the MV will be released on the 11th, and the girls will have their debut stage on 17th May.

Source: KBites


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