The Tale Of Spring – ”Find Big Bang In Our Spring Garden”

garden of spring bb

BIG BANG is undeniably a part of Bom’s closest circles ever since their trainee days with Bom being one of the longest trainees in the company. Despite that she is being addressed as their ‘noona’, they seem to fool around with her a lot like a little sister. So in today’s series we shall be compiling a few of my favourite BomBANG moments.

”Find Big Bang In Our Spring Garden” – GD


Our second installation is all about Park Bom and her Big Bang seniors– the first one being with Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon. You can observe most of G-Dragon and Bom’s interactions during the earlier seasons of YGTV where G-Dragon would constantly tease and joke with Bom. There are a few occurrences such as the time where G-Dragon said that Gaho (his pet dog) is afraid of Bom and how Bom looked like a giant in heels during a photoshoot. However, my favourite one is most definitely GD imitating Bom on two of her trendy catch phrases,  ”Eh’’ and ‘‘Don’t touch my …’’, which you can watch right below!

A while back, in an interview with a Japanese magazine, Bom cited that she was closest with G-Dragon and Taeyang. She also noted that she would share personal stories with them and talk over it together. One of my favourite G-Dragon and Bom sort of ”moment” is Bom’s featuring in the Japanese version of ‘’Black’’, a track from G-Dragon’s Japanese ”Coup de Tat” album. Her sweet voice complements the tone of the song overall, which in my opinion makes it a perfect feed to the ears.

There’s a few more interactions that the staff also personally loves– in a non shipping way. You could tell they are really much closer and the teasing interactions just brings a smile on your face.

And of course the fun interaction of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Teddy & Kush during the recording of ”Don’t Go Home”, a track Bom was originally planned to feature in off GD&TOP’s first full album.


”Find Big Bang In Our Spring Garden” – Taeyang

In my personal opinion Bom is probably the closest with Taeyang ranging from their collaboration performance to messing around with each other and recently spotted having a nice conversation as they walk together the day after MAMA 2015.


The video is based more on a shipping note, but if you put that aside you can tell Taeyang was teasing Bom for jokes. The interaction is too cute and makes you laugh along as a flustered Bom gets dragged towards the other side, while artists in the back are wondering what is happening.

Cute Bom and Taeyang interacted with each other during the encore of YG Family Concert 2010:

(Caps by @pyopeasant)

Even when Taeyang released his solo album ”RISE”, Bom dedicated an Instagram post to promote the release along with the cute picture of him sitting on her lap during an event 2NE1 & Big Bang attended.



”Find Big Bang In Our Spring Garden” – T.O.P


T.O.P has always been a member of Big Bang that is linked with Bom for a lot of times due to the infamous ‘’TOPBOM’’ ship because the two share similar weird personalities that somehow match with each other from the ‘’dancing machine’’ aspect all the way the their unpredictable sense of humor. Sometimes even Bom herself finds it difficult to understand TOP.

Here’s another moment where both of them are seated together and labelled as sloppy dancers and that one part where TOP jokingly impersonated Bom to lighten up the tense atmosphere during an episode of ”WIN”, YG’s survival show.

Along with a more recent interaction, Bom and Dara followed the Big Bang members back to Seoul after snatching our weaves at the 2015 MAMA ceremony. This fancam showed TOP jokingly messing with Bom’s plush in the elevator while Taeyang looks on.

Last but not least, the Instagram post that had fans going mad:



”Find Big Bang In Our Spring Garden” – Daesung


Park Bom and Daesung is often a rare sight, but usually always spotted together on encores during YG Family Concerts. Even the encores during rehearsal, and it’s super sweet to see. Rather than in a shipping way, they have this lovely sibling relationship– or atleast the way they interact. There’s this understanding between both and there’s also their funny personalities clashing- kind of moments, like below!

And ofcourse, a short clip of Daesung teasing Bom:


”Find Big Bang In Our Spring Garden” – Seungri


Seungri and Bom have that hilarious relationship, where they sometimes bicker a little or when sometimes Bom just disses her teacher. It started around 2010, where 2NE1 were still rookies, and Seungri took Dara and Bom under his wing– teaching them both all about his top notch variety skills since the two wanted to go on variety shows but didn’t know how to actually make people laugh and make their stories more interesting. An example below:

(From 22:19 onwards)

And let’s not forget this hilarious interaction where Bom sort of ”dissed” him by saying she’s a ”GD&TOP” fan.

And Bom’s cute little throwback to 2006, where she took a picture with Big Bang’s maknae Seungri.



And this concludes our second series of ”The Garden Of Spring” with Big Bang! Tune in tomorrow for another wonderful article about Bom & her juniors!

Penboy & WLB Staff.


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