The Tale Of Spring – ”Play In Our Spring Garden with 2NE1”

garden of spring 2NE1

”Play In Our Spring Garden with 2NE1”     – CL

That’s right! On our first installation of these mini-series, we will go on about the beautiful bond 2NE1 has– starting it off with Leader CL! The beautiful interactions of Bom and her dearest Chae Rin, whom she dearly addresses as her sister. The beauty of Bom and CL’s friendship is that despite that there is an age difference of 7 years; they bond together like same-aged friends.

CL is always seen as the protective mother while Bom is that little girl goofing around and is the one that needs protection– As CL being the motherly figure does her job well as well as occasionally plays along with Bom’s silly antics.

Without further ado I shall present to you some of the most memorable moments between these two cuties:

  1. Ba Ba Ba Bam Bam Bam

During the filming of ”Don’t Stop The Music” M/V, Bom went through one of those derpiest moments– unleashing her super funny yet cute dance. CL whom later came into the frame was laughing when she saw it but she immediately ”covered” Bom from the camera as it would do damage to their ”badass” image, however Bom was too funny that she couldn’t even restrain her till the very end and CL just laughs it off as Bom leaves the dressing room.

  1. Instagram

  • CL is a proud mother of 3 little kittens whom she dearly adores and it seems because of that Bom posted a picture of Donut (Though we highly suspect Bom’s eating habits was how this cute little kitten got its name).


  • On CL’s birthday in 2013, Bom also posted a two-part video of 2NE1 celebrating CL’s birthday together. It was captioned as a birthday wish to her ‘sis Chelin’. The whole 30 seconds was filled with cuteness and we get to see a little sneak peek of our girls altogether in their playfulness behind the scenes ever since 2NE1TV last aired in 2011.

  • Aside from that, we also know Bom has a knack on calling CL ‘pudong’, which basically means chubby. So CL’s hands and feet were apparently chubby and cute as claimed by Miss Park, and she posted a picture of the feet of a rubber duck and captioned that as Chaelin’s cute chubby feet.


  • Likewise, CL posted a group photo of 2NE1 and Hi-tech at the final stop of the All or Nothing tour. This picture is significantly important because it is the only picture of Bom that was posted during the peak of Bom’s issue.


  1. YES, CL!

    Another one of those goofy moments of Bom– which I personally like– was this one episode where 2NE1 was in the practice room rehearsing for Clap Your Hands. Bom was singing the line before CL’s rap break and out of the blue she suddenly blurted out “Yes, CL!” which left a confused CL stunned for a moment while looking at Bom before resuming her rap. It’s like Bom’s unpredictable charms just comes out of nowhere– or when you least expect it that even for someone whom has lived with her for ages may not even expect that! The whole session seemed like a fun karaoke session rather than practicing.



CL is no doubt the best leader, friend, sister or whatever you want to address her. Her bond with the members is so close that a 2NE1 performance has to be included with all four members together. Due to some stupidity from the public, she was forced into a hiatus mid-promotions due to her taking some pre-scribed medications that were originally banned in Korea. 2NE1 as a whole had then decided to halt activities till the end of 2014, with their side saying “It’s not 2NE1 without Park Bom”.

However SBS held their yearly year-end festivals and in that year SBS did it a little differently than usual– in 2014 they had decided to give out a few awards and one of them went to 2NE1. So in the end 2NE1 was asked to attend and perform which they did as a closure to Blackjacks for 2014, but without Bom.

But watching the performance itself would make you realize the whole performance was dedicated purely for Bom. On CL’s part, she cited Bom’s favourite songs during the song transition, “Baby I miss you, and it’s gotta be you” while also dropping us with that hot rap bar from the unplugged version of Come Back Home, altering the ending lyrics from “You’re my ruler” to “FOURever”.

Clearly in CL’s context, no one shall be left behind.

Also, during the acceptance speech, CL had left quite a bit of space which clearly meant for Bom. (As seen above.)

  • And again in 2015, we have the iconic MAMA performance. Originally it was known that CL would perform as a soloist but on that day, CL’s performance was further laced with a group performance; basically the first 2NE1 performance a year after Gayo Daejun 2014. And this of course included Bom in the performance, showing us once again that CL is just a sweet darling for supporting her sister at her lowest point.
              ”Iconic performance. Your faves would never.” – Penboy


You can check out the weave-snatching performance here:

  • Bonus: A little bit of CL being cheeky and imitating Bom’s hand gestures in this short snippet. It’s only a few seconds but it makes me go “D’awwwwwww”.


”Play In Our Spring Garden with 2NE1”     – Dara

Sandara Park, or dearly known as Dara is the other half of the playful duo ‘Ssang Park’. Both Dara and Bom are already in their thirties despite not physically looking like one and they tend to fool around together in a lot of instances. This led to the introduction of ”Ssang Park TV” (Which sadly did not go further than merely one episode of selling socks and chatting in front of a laptop).

There are plenty of instances where we can see the playful display of affection among both these members so I would just include a few:

  1. Billion dollar BABY!

This scene has got to be one of the earliest Double Park antics I’ve seen when I first discovered 2NE1. The duo was fooling around with that one line in ”I Am The Best”, which was part of CL’s Rap. Dara was learning to play the guitar in the dressing room, waiting to perform on MBC’s Show! Music Core. Bom took the guitar and randomly had a ‘jam’ session which ended up with her getting bored of it pretty fast while Dara was still into it. Check out the cute episode below:

  1. More than sisters

At one point during 2NE1’s triple title track comeback in 2010, they were filming for one of their title tracks called ”Can’t Nobody” in which they had to do the final scene together– dancing in the space ship. As Dara did not have much experience in doing ad-lib dancing and was unhappy with her performance for the day, she broke down and started crying. It was then that Bom came and consoled her (and even fired a few rap lines). You can watch the scene starting from 18:43 in the video below.

  1. I’m Your Girl

At one part of the (only) episode for SsangPark tv, Bom and Dara went to karaoke and they sang ”I’m Your Girl” (S.E.S.) which was the same song that they sang together in 2010 during 2NE1TV season two as well. It seems that even on both occasions they sang CL & Minzy’s ”Please Don’t Go” as well. In short, they both have fun together so much.

Start watching this cute clip at 0:48

(From 1:06 onwards)
  1. Photogenic sisters

There is not much to say on this honestly, they take very cute and nice pictures together. It reminds me of one of those saying that goes something like ‘best friends don’t let you do silly things … alone”. Just appreciate the following photos which were of my personal selection.


”Play In Our Spring Garden with 2NE1”     – Minzy

Minzy is the ”maknae” of 2NE1. Despite being the youngest among the four, her maturity is often seen as higher than the elder members of the group. She often seems to be the calm and quiet one among the girls but she can also be seen as the one fooling around with them as well. Minzy is usually the ‘’other half’ of Bom when it comes to photo-shoots and they even dorm together.


  1. Minglish with Bom

Minzy was initially the only member in the group that doesn’t have a foundation in speaking English (though she is wayyyyyy more fluent now) and she would then use her cute English to mess with Bom at times. My personal favourites are listed below.

“This is Bom’s shoes” @ 2:37

“Park Boum” @ 3:12

  1. BomZylarge

    2NE1 as a group has the largest age gap between the eldest and the youngest member. This basically implies that there is a generation gap thus there may be times where there are differences in thinking. But this isn’t the case in 2NE1. The members aren’t paired up with their age groups but rather it is always a member of the eldest being paired with the youngest in almost everything they do. Even in photo-shoots, CL is mostly paired with Dara and Bom is usually paired with Minzy.

  •  The Love For The Maknae

Bom can also be seen as a caring motherly figure of the group and she seems to have a special spot for Minzy. This can be seen through the Vogue Magazine spread where it was noted that both Dara and her gave Minzy a box filled with allowance in spirit of her coming of age ceremony as well as college entrance acceptance.

Aside from that, on one episode of 2NE1TV S3, Minzy attended the ”Pentaport Rock Festival” but Bom did not follow along because she was tired. However, she took notice and gave some advices on how Minzy should dress because ‘there may be wolves’. Even when CL suggested that Minzy could wear the skirt shorter you can hear Bom shouting “No!” in the background.

starts at 9:32

  • Minzy may appear as the more mature member of the group but she does fool around with Bom at times too. There are two of my instances; one whereby Minzy and Bom go shopping for furniture for their new dorm and both of them were playing along with Bom’s idea of getting Minzy to serve breakfast in bed using a bed tray.

Another episode shows how Minzy also ‘invades’ Bom’s room for dinner during the Korean Music Festival in Singapore where she playfully pans around Bom’s room.

Well guys, that’s it for now. Make sure to stay tune for the rest of the articles and we hope that you enjoy this piece. Drop a comment down below and tell us what you think of it. ^^ See you tomorrow with more awesome self-written articles.

Penboy & WLB Staff.


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