The Tale Of Spring – ”Invitation To Our Spring Garden.”

garden of spring intro

 ”Invitation To Our Spring Garden.”

In spirit of the upcoming Birthday of Lady Spring, WeLoveBom has been gearing up for a fantastic celebration—with many tricks up our sleeves we have prepared thoroughly for the big day making this year yet another beautiful year ahead for all Blackjacks, Bombshells as well as Park Bom herself! Better check out the project we have planned at our main page.

Now, where were we? Oh yes! That’s right, you may also have noticed that WeLoveBom has decided to do throwback articles which are slightly delayed, but they are mostly based on the progression of Park Bom as a soloist and as a 2NE1 member from the beginning till the Goddess whom we all love today! Over the years, Bom has gotten a steady increase in fan base and quite a lot of relevancy so we thought it would be nice to shower you with all the unseen glory that you might have missed!

And what better way is there when you have well-known Blackjack, Penboy (@pyopeasant) take you on a tour through the ‘’Garden Of Spring’’ with these wonderful self-written articles! That’s right, WeLoveBom has teamed up with Penboy to give everyone a special treat during the countdown to Bom’s birthday!

Oh? What is the ‘’Garden Of Spring’’ you say? It’s about the beautiful moments of Park Bom’s career with the closest people she spent with as the grand day approaches. That’s right, We have compiled them all for everyone to read.

Bom is by nature a somewhat shy person. Behind that aloof and goofy person she always shows in front of us, she also has her inner deep sides where she would think of all the issues of her life. Her family, friends and fans are the closest people whom she cherishes a lot so we thought it would be best if we compile all these sweet moments to be shared with fans!

So please look forward to the self-written articles as we will be publishing daily. Are you ready to walk around the ‘’Garden Of Spring’’ yet? Grab a drink and enjoy the sweetest season ‘’Spring’’ with us!

Penboy & WLB Staff.

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