Long Fanaccount of Park Bom and Dara Spotted Today at Enchanted Kingdom, Philippines



Thread on how I cope up with seeing Park Bom and Dara, when they were 5 inches away from me. 1st, we finished the water ride and walking the narrow exit, when large bodyguards suddenly told us to make way. I though a local artist will enter the ride THROUGH the exit, but my friend suddenly said, “LOOK WHO IS PASSING BY”. I turned my head and saw Park Bom looking at me!!! I was so shocked that I screamed her name “PARK BOM!!!!” She smiled and waved at me. After both of them were gone, my legs gave up and i started screaming PARK BOM. Then i ran for my life to get my phone from my friend. I went to the side of the water ride to wait for Bom and Dara on the ride. I wanted to say something to her like, “I miss you.” “Stay healthy.” “We will wait for you.” But all I said was I LOVE YOU UNNIE. People were looking at me when i was fangirling for my life, like screaming, jumping, stomping, CRYING. but i dont care. I miss my queens. When the ride came nearer from me, I took pictures like it costs my life. After this, I ran to the exit path, where they will walk And where I first saw them. Look how narrow it was, I was screaming, “Unnie, please be well!” “I love you unnie!” “Blackjacks love 2ne1 forever!” I was screaming my lungs out and Jjangmae came beside her, blocking her from our view, to protect her. After the pathway, they will walk through a souvenir store and out of the water ride. There were A LOT of people waiting, but i squeezed my way to be closer as possible. After waiting for a few minutes they out so fast. Then we heard the bodyguard planning on their exit from the amusement park. I didnt get a proper photo of Bom here, bcs Jjangmae was proteting her, there were really a lot of people there. They were gone so fast, a lot of workers from the park were guarding Dara and Bom. Then the crowd dispersed. Dara was so pretty. She was just around my height. Bom and her leg goals are on point!!!! Bom is so pretty in person. Those photos online, hd or not, are no match when you see her in real life. Dara was waving shyly, and keeps her head down. I have nothin more to say to Bom, just SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL I AM SO GONE I AM BLESS SO BLESS

Source: Hasmiinaa


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