Project #12 Update ”The Tale Of Spring”


Good day Blackjacks! After more than a year, we are finally able to post up last year’s succesfull birthday project!

First and foremost we would like to apologize for the delay as it took us more time than expected to deliver the presents to Bom. After months and months of waiting, finally with the help of Tsuya_Nail & Ryubae we were able to complete our mission!

Now enough about that, it’s time to reveal the gifts we had prepared for Bom right below– but ofcourse thank you to all the donors that generously donated! We wouldn’t have been able to gift these amazing things without your help.

Before we actually move on to the actual gifts, here is a picture that Bom took herself– That’s right! Once she had received the gifts through Ryubae, she took a proof shot with our presents. Amazing right? Our Lady Spring is really too kind. Once again we would like to thank Ryubae for sending us the photo. Your constant help is much appreciated^^

Now finally:

A gold studded Alexander McQueen pouch because our Queen B deserves the B-E-S-T!

Two posters from the highly watched Drama, Descendants of Moomins 

Adorable phone covers that scream “PARK BOM”

A cello pendrive that contains WLB Birthday MVs 1 2, Digital MessageBook, WLBXTSUYA NAIL and lastly WLB’s Birthday write-up

A necklace that’s meant for Bom. Owh how true this is~

And don’t forget about our collaboration with Tsuya Nail, Our own Music Video, “Loving Park Bom” and also the Love Letters to Bom~~~ Check out the rest of the photos down below~





Our mystery project that we collaborated with Tsuya Nail was a success!!! We were so delighted when Bom was spotted with those GORGEOUS red nails~*O*

[PROJECT #13] LoveLettersToBOM

Remember the love letters that everyone sent us for Bom? Rest assured! Bom already received them along with the rest of the gifts ^^. Thanks to Poong Poong Express, your letters are safely in the hands of Bom.

We would like to sincerely thank to our amazing donors that generously donated and of course to everyone that supported WeLoveBom in this project!


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