160424 Fanaccount of Park Bom at Garosugil



Do you know who I saw at Garosugil? I saw Park Bom right in front of me!! When I saw her standing in front at first..I thought wow she looks like Park Bom..Oh wait it’s Park Bom.. At the center of Garosugil Mainstreet is Park Bom and she was just across the street, I was surprised to see her contacting someone and she walked down the street. Do you see Park Bom’s red bag across the street? Whoever sees this it’s Park Bom isn’t it??ㅎ I saw her at near distance so I could say she wasn’t wearing any make-up and she was only wearing a casual attire. Honestly even seeing her face it’s like seeing her in tv, it doesn’t feel that she went through plastic surgery. I think she is cute.

A/N: This fanaccount is from the same OP: CLICK

Source: naverblog

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