Project #8 Update ”31 Flavours Of Park Bom” (2014)


It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now! Finally, after quite a while we are ready to wrap up this project (Joint with @ukYGqueens) — which actually was finished in 2014, but due to some issues we couldn’t exactly publish it, so now after a long wait we are here to enlighten fans on the goodies we pampered Bom with!

First up, Customized Boyfriend Pillow– Kim Tan Edition, (Lee Min Ho’s character from the hit drama The Heirs)

1 boyfriend pillow13










The boyfriend pillow was an idea from our admin, it’s a super comfortable pillow and back in 2014 Bom was obsessed with Lee Min Ho and his character in The Heirs, so we decided it would be super fun to give, and what do you know? Two years later, begin April 2016– where Bom joined Dara on a small vacation to the Philippines, she was seen carrying it! The whole time when she went, and when she returned. We can say it was a super success, right? She seems to love it!

Second up, Lee Min Ho’s Special Album!

2 lee minho cd

We went a little overboard with Lee Min Ho, but hey we think she pretty much loved it. With her love for Lee Min Ho, at least back then, we are sure she enjoyed this little goodie!

Third up, Moomin Galore!

3 moomin gallore

Everyone knows her obsession with Moomins, her undying love for it is known worldwide. Originally, these goodies were set up for her 2013 Birthday Project, but due to the gifts being brought in Europe, there was a slight shipping delay, so we included it in 2014’s Birthday Project.

Lastly, all our gifts in one! (Thank you to theBOM for capturing it all and sending it to Bom!)

wlb gifts 2014

All our gifts in one! Originally we we’re set to buy a cake but due to theBOM already having one, we decided on these gorgeous flowers. We also had a bit of trouble money wise– but we think we wrapped it up pretty nicely!


Thank you to EVERYONE who supported us and donated to us, sincerely thank you so much! – WeLoveBom Admin.


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