01.09.2016 – NEW BEGINNING – Letter from WeLoveBom.


Dear lovely, loyal supporters of WeLoveBom & 2NE1’s Main Vocalist Park Bom, we sincerely would like to thank each and every one of you for being here, supporting us & Bom to the fullest. Our journey started back in 2009, where Bom finally got to debut & showcase her incredible talent after many delays of her solo debut.

Of course WeLoveBom has watched her grow into an incredible artist, from a twitter with barely 100 followers, to becoming the #1 International fansite for Park Bom. Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to be here so we would like to thank everyone. The staff members that used to be a part of us, and the ones that will continue the journey.

We have decided to give WeLoveBom it’s very own “Rebirth” after two years of ongoing silence. There’s only so much we can do as a fanbase of an artist who was forced into reflection. Our honest opinions on it? We were lost. Everything was doing so well, till somehow it all jumbled down to a mess. We were left in silence, in shock, completely lost. Where does a fanbase go without an artist present to support?

We tried many things, from small projects to big projects– we tried and are still trying to keep this going. After all, when Bom returns, we want to openly welcome her in our arms. So that’s why, after a long silence we thought our fanbase should have a fresh new start, for fans that follow us as well as staff that are a part of WLB.

WeLoveBom will go through a complete layout revamp, with a new mysterious logo and a new layout for the site. New and old staff will join hands to continue the legacy the original admins will leave behind once WeLoveBom is up and running in trustable hands.

Our “thank you” tweet had so many meanings behind it. Are we finally going to quit? Time to deactivate? A final thank you?

Truth to be told, it’s a trolling message, one thing WeLoveBom is known for. All in a positive way– to somehow someway make fans laugh at the end of the day– and this time it was to hype up whatever we were planning, somehow to gather all the fans that have been quiet over the past few days.

Now on a real note, WeLoveBom did think of quitting. We (the admins) did think we should slowly leave our fanbase behind, because the journey right now is such a tough one, where we are holding on to something non-existent, but our love for Bom is way bigger and that’s why if we do decide to quit we want to leave WeLoveBom behind in good hands to continue our legacy.

So right now and in the future, we ask everyone to continue supporting us, WeLoveBom as a fanbase and Park Bom as an artist. We are tired of waiting, we all know how it feels but please blame no one and continue supporting her and loving her. Sometime soon, hopefully, we will get to see her rise one more time as Park Bom and 2NE1’s Park Bom, please look forward to that day along with us.



WeLoveBom Admin.


7 thoughts on “01.09.2016 – NEW BEGINNING – Letter from WeLoveBom.

  1. huxleywedge

    Let’s just continue to wait guys. 😔 It’s hard, yes, but we should still be here. Other fandoms are telling that 2ne1 fans are the most lazy fans but they didn’t know how hard we are waiting. We are not spreading noise everywhere but that diesn’t mean that we are not here. Let’s continue waiting for our Queens and if that day comes, every day, we should work hard for everyone to know that 2ne1 OT3 is alive and will spread there worth waiting songs. 😂

  2. Bem Otto

    shes not my bias, but i love her as much i love the rest of the girls. i miss her as much as you do.

    no matter what, Im always a fan. a blackjack.

    Thank you WLB! fighting!

  3. Anggita Nuarsya Arzen

    i just read this and wanna cry… hiks. really never can stop loving bom, and loving this fansite! thankyou for hardwork!


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