20170401 Park Bom Signs With A New Agency

Park Bom, former member of 2NE1, finally signs with a new agency hinting a possible solo return.

On the first morning of April, the executive of the company Bom signed to has spoken exclusively to Nate, answering limited questions about the former YG Entertainment artist joining their small company.

”It is such a honor for an incredible artist like Park Bom to join us, we feel like no one should stop anyone if they want to continue following their dreams.” 

”Park Bom has been out of the spotlight since 2014 and officially returned to the stage in 2015 with her former 2NE1 members. However shortly after that the group ended its adventure and Bom slowly started preparing for herself. When we both contacted each other, we felt a mutual trust and the start of a good relationship.”

”For now Bom and our company have agreed to the terms discussed and Park Bom will return with new music hopefully by autumn.” or so WeLoveBom Entertainment promises.

The company Bom signed to was established in late 2014, with talented singers such as Gie– who has joined the WeLoveBom Team to cover songs ironically asking for Park Bom to return. Company owner Master Troll is very excited with a new artist joining and is excited to release new music as well.

**irrelevant parts ommitted

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom




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