180401 Park Bom Buys YG Entertainment Stocks, Becomes The Highest Investor

On the morning of the 1st, reports flooded in of YG Entertainment supposedly in a mid-crisis due to a sudden stock buyer that might as well be the biggest investor after YG Entertainment founder, Yang Hyun Suk and LVMH’s private equity arm, L Capital Asia.

Signed under the name Jenny Park, reporters flooded their workplaces after getting an inside-scoop only to find out that the Jenny Park that bought it, is indeed ex- YG Artist Park Bom (2NE1) who signed it under her American given name.

This makes her the highest stockholder and the highest investor owning shares up to 37% followed by Yang Hyun Suk 28%, L Capital Asia 11.5%, Never Corp. 9.13%, Shanghai Fengying Business Consultant Partnership Ltd. 8.10%, Tencent Holdings Ltd. 4.42%, Min Seok Yang (Yang Hyun Suk’s brother) 1,85%.

‘’YG Entertainment might as well have a new beginning’’, an insider claims after being asked about the reports. ‘’With most of Big Bang gone while iKon and WINNER are in the midst of successful comebacks, YG Entertainment could just have that fresh new start with the newer generation taking the top spots and earning the big bucks, Park Bom might as well bring in fresher ideas and give the company a boost.’’

‘’YG Entertainment certainly would not have another opportunity to disband a top legendary girl group out of nowhere, that’s for sure.’’

Meanwhile netizens cackled at the news with comments like, ‘’That is pure karma, the way they handled Bom’s situation was cruel but the way she came back to it after four years is amazing.’’ ‘’I bet Nam Taehyun is SHOOK, imagine all the comebacks he would have if he stayed in YG Entertainment.’’ ‘’You get a comeback, you get a comeback, everyone get’s one!’’ ‘’Bom should do it Oprah style, imagine how many YG Artist we finally get to see throughout the year.’’ ‘’It’s time to enter YG’s secret chamber and release all the unreleased songs including Bom’s solo album and 2NE1 albums.’’

Meanwhile Yang Hyun Suk has yet to comment on this issue.

Source: Nate
Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom

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