About Us


WeLoveBom is a non-profit fansite formed by fans from around the world – Portugal, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Canada, Singapore, and USA for international fans to stay updated with the latest news about Park Bom. We humbly started on April 2010 and since then, many Park Bom fansites have branched out based in various countries – Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Honduras, Latin America, Poland, etc. showing how Park Bom is receiving love worldwide.


Yasmine (@nampikachu) | Gjie (@jiebrick) | Nikai (@nikaistar)



Tumblr Managers:

Rida (@mainvocs)


Cathy (@ilove2ne1girls) | Siying (@2chaerin1)

Graphic Designers:

Rina (@ferociousteh) | Bommie  Ringo ()  |  Ara (@ara08_)


 Gie (@IBGienius)

For any questions, comments, or suggestions send us an e-mail to welovebom13@hotmail.com


21 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Yip Yap

    Hello Staff,

    I just wanted to say thank you all so so much for running this site!! I love Bom and I’m not good at accessing all the Korean sites so thank you so much for your time and dedication to bringing us up to date news about our favorite 8D Goddess Park Bom. Keep up the excellent work! You guys are such awesome fellow fans!

  2. Yesa

    thank you guys, so wonderful to know that page 🙂
    I’m from VietNam, 2NE1 and Bom have so much fan in my country 😡

  3. hellobom

    We are a polish page of 2NE1. We would like to add your banner on our site. Here is the link: 2ne1uchwyconechwile.blogspot.com

  4. кσяєα ♥

    I Love This Blog ! Its Amazing ! Thank you guys for All your Hard work
    ♥ !
    + Umm.. I Didn’t really Know where i should Tell you this ..
    Ummm But I’m Just Gonna say it here ^^
    Since Our Girls r late in ‘ MAMA ‘ There now in 3rd Place ..
    We Thought if all blackjacks for 2NE1 at once ~
    Then 100% Our girls will be in The first place !
    and we want you guys to join us too .. and all Blackjacks around the World ~*
    We Didn’t Pick the time yet but we’re thinking of it right now !
    if your in please tell me in my twitter @kpoptruefan
    + like i said we’re still thinking about what time and when so maybe if your thinking of a good time and a day tell us please ^^
    I’ll Tell you The Details when ur in ^^
    I’ll be waiting for ur Reply ♥

  5. BomBom

    Love your blog. Are you guys not doing something for Bom’s b’day? I don’t see you guys accepting donations or saying much about it and it it is already less than 2 months away.

  6. Chrism

    I love this site so much! Park Bom is my favorite Kpop star and it’s nice to have a place to go where I’m always updated about our Spring Queen ^_^


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