About Park Bom

Born on the 24th of March, 1984 as the second daughter. When she was still a kid, she likes participating in various competitions and was able to win some awards. She left for America when she was in 6th Grade and then moved to Main after graduating from highschool.She enrolled to Lesley University majoring in Psychology but she suddenly felt the urge to pursue her passion for singing. So instead, she transferred to Berklee College of Music without her parents knowing.

After living in America for almost 14 years, she came back to South Korea and then auditioned for YG Entertainment. She didn’t make it for her first try but she’d come back every year to try again and then for the third time, she finally got in and passed as a trainee.

In 2006, she first made her public appearance at Big Bang’s First Showcase. She performed “We Belong Together” with Big Bang and also sang solo “Stand Up for Love”. She was again featured in another Big Bang song, “Forever With You” from their third single. They performed the song on MBC Music Core which was her first TV appearance. Later in 2006, she joined Lee Hyori for Anystar. She was dubbed as “Lee Hyori II” and appeared in Anystar CF and MV and also had her own version of the CF song featuring Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

In 2007, she also featured in her labelmates’ songs namely Lexy with “Baby Boy” and Red Roc with “Along My Way”. She had her first solo song, “Scarecrow”, released which was written by JYP. She then appeared as guest at Big Bang’s “Want You” concert where she first performed the song. It was the start of her supposed debut on the Fall of 2007 where she was also supposed to have a solo album released. During the last quarter of the year, she was featured in one of Big Bang’s song for their Japanese debut, “We Belong Together”, which was recorded in English.

2007/4/12 Message from YG

Park Bom’s first album is planned to come out this fall, but we are thinking of releasing a song and few pictures around May.
We are first going to release it through online, Parkbom’s title song has been made by Park Jin Young and it’s called “Scarecrow”. This is probably the first time a YG singer sings a song made by JYP.

I’m close with JYP, DJ DOC, and Psy but a few months ago, I was joking around with JYP and asked him to write a song for park bom but he really did. For free too. I felt that being a sunbae was really nice but when I meet Psy it’s not so pleasent. He always asks me to eat out and I’m the one that has to pay.

Anyways, when i first heard “scarecrow” i felt it was going to be good. It has a great feeling of Park Jin Young and a very nice SLOW song.
He has completed this in between his busy schedule but i never had the chance to say thanks so i’d like to take this time to say thank you to Park Jin Young. (Credits: shenyuepop + sw8et_vietgurl@ soompi)

In 2009, she finally made her debut but not as a solo, instead she became part of YG Entertainment’s new girl group, 2NE1, where she took the part as the main vocalist of the group. After a few months of debut, in November 2009 she released a solo song, “You And I”, which surprised the public by achieving an all-kill in music charts despite being a rookie and not to mention, releasing a song without the other members. Due to its major success, the single won various achievements such as; Gaon Chart Number 1 Song (November), Cyworld Digital Music Awards Song of the Month (November), and 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Digital Single.

During the last quarter of 2010, she featured in Big Bang’s sub-unit, GD&TOP, song “Oh Yeah” which won 2011 Melon Music Awards Best Rap and Hip Hop Performance.

In 2011, Park Bom was the head runner for 2NE1’s comeback where she released her 2nd solo single, “Don’t Cry“. Her solo single yet again, topped various music charts and later on, achieved a certified Perfect All Kill status. A few months later, it was announced that Park Bom will be participating as a surprise guest on Team GG (G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo) performance at Infinity Challenge Song Festival which they had a song entitled “I Cheated”. The song topped the charts and later on achieved Perfect All Kill status. During the last quarter of the year, she had an on-stage collaboration at the 2011 YG Family Concert with new labelmate, Tablo, for his song “Bad” which was originally featured with singer Jinsil. Around the same time, she also featured in GD&TOP’s song yet again, for their Japanese debut. They released a Japanese version of “Oh Yeah” as their title song.

In early 2012, she had an on-stage collaboration with labelmate, Se7en, for his song “When I Can’t Sing” on SBS Inkigayo.


41 thoughts on “About Park Bom

  1. julie_lovely!~

    your so beautiful and cute my BoMmIe My IdOl iN K-pOp GiRlS i love your song you and i it makes me cry every time that i watch it love u bommie i will keep supporting you till’ end… ♥bommie♥

  2. Brittany Squires

    Bommie is a big inspiration of mine, my favorite idol on top of a long list. I think that if she can get rejected with that incredible voice, how could i ever become something but the fact that she worked so hard to get to where she is today pushes me to try harder as well. It’s so awsome that her birthday is 2 days after mine and she is an Aries :3 <3Park Bom 4 ever. I think her English name 'Jenny Park' also fits her very well.

    "Anticipate it." – Park Bom

  3. Ais

    Unexplainable feelings..its just that parkbom is a must see idol everyday eventhough seeing her video again and again 🙂 ..hmm its her booming charateristic that i love..was sad about the 2ne1 tv but (unexpalinable)…its life 😦 and its gonna be 2012 in just how many hours..maybe she is eating corn hahahha..fan from Singapore 🙂 love to 2ne1 ❤

    I hope this 2012 will be good to park bom..

  4. Michaela Dianne Langston

    Oh Bom, you are so wonderful. Your voice in unbelievably powerful and you are so kind and talented; I can’t believe you were ever rejected. I don’t normally connect as strongly with female artists but there’s something very special about you, and about 2NE1 in general as well. I can’t wait until I have the honor of seeing you live. 🙂

  5. 2NE1

    Can’t believe she’s 28, but she still looks amazing. Hope the band, 2NE1, can make it big in America, and can’t wait to go to their next concert.

  6. Julie12315

    She’s so lucky her parents let her be an exchange student for 14 years!!! :/// I wanna go to Korea as an exchange student too!!! Can anyone tell me a website?

  7. Keinah Gavile

    annyeong haseyo park bom i love so much and i hope that i can see you in person..i really,really love you and i will support you until the end..even if you have a drug scandal will i dont care about it because i know that you are innocent..i love you park bom and you will always be my idol..


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