Different Colors of Park Bom

“For me, just think of me like a rainbow.” -(Go Girls! on M-ON TV)


Having gone through all the hardships to be where she is right now, Park Bom has learned how to stand on her own, driven by her strong will, determination, and passion for becoming a successful singer. She openly speaks her mind and does what she knows is right. Does your bias speak up when she didn’t like her own red carpet look? Ours did.

 “I don’t even have to eat, as long as I can listen to music”. -(Nylon Japan May 2011)


From corn to bread, lettuce to watermelons, she is a big fan of foods. On 2NE1tv, we’ve seen her eat with a big appetite even though she sometimes get scolded by her trainer, Hwangssabu. She may always miss work out sessions with 2NE1 but she makes sure she takes care of her figure and health by regularly taking medicines and fruits. Deer bellybutton, anyone?

“My lips can’t move when I’m hungry.” -(2NE1tv Season 2)


Often dubbed as 2NE1’s “Mood Maker”, this unnie never fails to make everyone around her laugh even with her simplest antics. She is known for having such outgoing personality. She is good friends with her make-up team even with the PDs!

“Even if it makes me seem dumb I want to be happy for my members…” -(Elle Korea December 2011)


Aside from being her favorite, this color is the one that best represents her personality. Starting from her name (Bom in hangeul) which translates to “Spring” in English, she definitely got the fresh ambience of spring in her. From her fresh soulful voice, refreshing smile, style, and attitude.She definitely deserves the title “Spring Goddess”.

“I love green^^” – (Me2Day 2009)


Park Bom is really artistically talented by blood. Her older sister, Go Eun, is a famous cellist who as well graduated from a well known college in the US, The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University. While her mother used to be a painter before she had children. Like mother, like daughter? Hell yeah!

“[My parents]They are the reason I am who I am…” -(Nonno Magazine Japan April 2012)


The diffrerent side of Park Bom, the side that we don’t often see on cam. Despite the many accusations the media and the netizens have been throwing at her, she had the strength to remain silent and just slap them on their face with her ever improving singing and performance.

“People who cause troubles usually makes it big in the future, right?” -(2NE1tv Season 2)


Clothes. Bags. Shoes. Nailart. Haircolor. Just some of the things Park Bom is best known for. She may not be dressed in extravagantly styled clothes but she has the one and only best fashion item nobody has.. her flawless long legs!

“Don’t touch my make-up, lotion, face pack.” -(2NE1tv Season1)


6 thoughts on “Different Colors of Park Bom

  1. dazla dazlander

    thanks for the rainbow, helps us understand why we Love Bom so much.(she rocks all our Worlds)


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