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161015 Dara Reacts to Bom’s new Instagram Account

Dara replied to Bom on twitter mentioning the creation of her new Instagram account this past Saturday (Oct 15). 2NE1’s fresh vocal jokingly made mention to past events of when Bom forgot the password of her previous twitter account – @harooluvstar – causing her to not post for a long time. Her entry is showcased bellow:


It reads as follows: “From now on don’t forget your pw (password)~😁😁😁

Source: Dara’s twitter
Translation: WeLoveDara

161016 Bom Creates new Instagram Account and Reaches 100k + Followers in Less than a day

This past Saturday (Oct 15) Bom gifted us with a new Instagram profile, and a new, updated picture to go with it!


Her profile info reads “This is Bom~~*^____^* I started again💞~~” (cr. @21GYDTS) and the first post in the newly-created account shows Bom at a Moonshot store in Shinsadong yesterday. Below is the translation of the caption, provided by the same twitter user.



Her sister Go Eun has followed the page which further confirms the authenticity of the account.



[WLB Staff Picks] 20 Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄 by Rida

Ready for our seventh edition of ‘’Favorite Pictures & Fancams of #박봄’’ written by our dear staff member Rida. Like all the previous times, this edition will feature fifteen favorite pictures of Bom and five favorite fancams by Rida herself. She had a tough time since, come on every picture is an ultimate favorite but if we had to tone it down to say… twenty pictures and fancams it’ll go a little like this:


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