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If there were electric companies who generated power based on sexiness, Bom's legs would power a whole nation



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Park Bom’s Friend Uploads a Throwback Photo with Bom: ” #WithBomUnnie “


heesssun#throwback #다시한번말하지만
#가을옷입고싶다 😹
#지난봄 #그레랑 #봄언니랑 #밤마실 나갔던날

#IWantToTalkAgainBut #IWantToWearAutumnClothes #LastBom (playword with 지난번 w/c means last time) #WithBomUnnie #TheDayWeWentOutToDrink #SaruOppaSpentHisLastFilmToUs #WithoutAnyPreparationWithoutAnyHesitationHeFilmedUs

Source: heesssun

Translated by: 21GYDTS 

A/N: The throwback picture posted by heesssun was taken in April (22nd April). The photo that Bom’s friend shared was them at a cafe near Itaewon area, Cafe Saru.


Bom & her friends spent the day watching Romeo & Juliet and ended the day by painting.


Berklee College of Music Hall of Fame: Park Bom from 2NE1


Park Bom from 2NE1 left Korea to study in America at the age of 12. She initially studied Psychology at Lesley University in Boston, but due to her love towards music, she can’t give up on any opportunities to study music. Hence , she decided to transfer to Berklee behind her parents’ back. During her education period in Berklee, Park Bom participated 3 times for YG audition and finally got through it at the 3rd time. We have to say that Park Bom’s vocal is indeed incredible~

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Park Bom Shows Support for CL’s US Debut on Twitter: “Everyone~ please support her a lot.”

CL is finally coming out*^___^*. Our eyes almost fell out waitingㅠㅠ. Everyone~ please support her a lot. ~~Lee Chaerin fighting~☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Source: Park Bom’s Twitter

Translated by: XXIBLJK