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[Shocking Style!] Ah! Stars Humiliating Fashion

◆ Breathtaking Ceremony Site!

Humiliating fashion of stars do appear on on-site ceremonies. But they occur more to females then to males because of the short dresses or even long ones actresses or female idols wear. Especially since the design is usually hugging the silhouette with lots of exposure showing off the S-line they usually have.

For an actor there’s not much trouble, maybe sometimes they get caught wearing different shoes, but for females there’s ofcourse a bigger humiliating chance. As shown in the picture, actress wore a sexy thin silked dress where you could either catch the underwear due to the sexy design, or the beach padded lining. From a far its maybe seen as a piece of toilet papier, which clearly shows that the style ofcourse was an accident, but still humiliating for the person wearing it.

Also even when the person’s wearing a beautiful white dress with gorgeous matching shoes, it doesn’t mean something couldn’t go wrong. The large shoes accidently slipped out of her foot while walking down the red carpet, causing a little humiliating scene as  the actress just smiled while trying to put them back on.

A star’s body, is one of the things that’s looked on aswell. ”Legs Terminator” 2NE1’s Park Bom wore a mini dress which didn’t particularly show her gorgeous figure, which is a little weird to look at, but what’s humiliating is when the star wears a tight mini dress with her slight chubby body clearly shown but still looked cute.

[parts not related to Bom omitted]

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


The Unique Fashion Of Stars, Completing The Look With Reversals

[Dispatch News] The beauty of fashion these days is reversed with stars wearing something unique underneath their shorts or whatever. This reversal is quite effective as the styling of the stars  clothing reveals their personality.

Last year the fashion was not as exotic as now, with stars pairing their looks with stockings underneath their shorts, or with stars wearing colorfull paterns showing off a non-smooth appearance which they still rock either way. Adding something underneath shorts can add exceptional beauty, as seen in the pictures above.

concept album highlight, both side, different pants

Singers are usually seen with fun, bouncing fashion. Especially when the highlight is a song full of fun dancing. The attention is usually focused on both the vocals and choreo, but also the fashion that finishes the touch of the performance.

Big Bang‘s 5th mini-album was just released, and the attention went to Daesung this time who introduced us to a unique concept as seen  in the picture. The red bright jacket caught alot of eyes, even though it was not significantly different from the other members, but both the color was matched with rather different pants. One side was blue while the other side was black. By far the styling was indeed ”bouncing”.

T-ara member’s pants we’re rather unique too, as one side was black while the other was designed with pink leopard. The concept was a good one as it was a glamorous and sexy concept which looked indeed good on stage.

◆ Mix & Match, ”Cute Charm UP”

Male Idols often mix and match styles wich they showcase later during performance. Ordinary males just wear pants instead of leggings and skirts while idols wear them which is recognized as ”fashionable style”. The pretty unique sense of the style was found very effective as it delivered a cute charm.

SHINee’s Key matched his blue shorts with grey leggings. The shorts we’re with white stars which is quite unique as you look at the whole idea the stylist gave us. It kind of gave off a sporty feel, with colorful accesouries added.

NU’EST’s Aaron boasted a neutral appeal with a plain skirt, jacket and shiny jeans showing us a unique fashion. Thin cloth and geometric patterns really went well with the skirt and all.

◆ Patterned Stockings, ”Emphasizes The Sexy Legs”

The stockings recently became a hot fashion as it’s mainly used now under shorts. Different patterns, stockings are loved. Its a must fashion accessory to add to your style.

Park Si Yeon wore patterned stockings giving off a cute charm. Wearing yellow on the black stockings, attracted more attention as a bright color was mixed with a dark color.

2NE1’s Park Bom looked sexy in her fishnet stockings completed under her short shorts with a fluffy jacket on top. Wearing fishnet stockings with fur gave a fun and sexy look which is quite suitable. Sexy and feminine at the same time, Park Bom knows how to show it all!

Gong Hyo-Jin‘s dotted stockings showed off a animated personality. In short black pants, accented with dotted stockings, it was quite a good shot at giving a unique fashion to see. The style was lively, which was effective. Another highlight of the stockings was the legs, that looked indeed slimmer.

◆ Sheer Dress ”Reversed Highlight”

You want to appeal feminine beauty, with at the same time a sexy appeal. Sheer dresses is the choice. A big exposure, which is quite the risk, but pair it up with something good, and your good to go.

Han Ga-In was the highlight with her sheer dress. The sleeveless dress looked good, seen up close but when you look from a far, it’s even better with the seethrough part at the bottom. With a black dress/shorts paired underneath, there was nothing to be afraid off as it didnt reveal anything that shouldn’t be revealed.

KARA’s Jiyoung also grabbed attention with a similar sheer dress. It was quite a mini dress with a slit, so whenever she moved, her sexy legs were visible. Quite a risk, but Jiyoung managed to rock it as it was safe with the short mini dress underneath.

Choi Jung also wore a black sleeveless dress, from the waist line till the legs, a thin cloth was shown, exposing her long legs which ofcourse stood out and looked hot. The skirt had buttons which was a perfect addition to the look.

Source: Nate

Translated by:  Yasmine@WeLoveBom


2NE1 @ Springroove 2012 Day-2

2NE1- Lonely

I Am the Best

Big Bang w/ 2NE1 – Feeling (encore stage)

2NE1 Can’t Nobody

M-Flo feat 2NE1 – She’s So (Outta Control)

Big Bang w/ 2NE1 – Feeling encore

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2NE1 – New Album “COLLECTION” & Single “SCREAM” Releases in Japan!

2NE1 is releasing their first Japanese album “COLLECTION” which is greatest hits album though many of the songs will be sung in Japanese. The album release comes in 4 editions – a Limited A with two bonus DVDs of music videos of the Japanese and Korean video versions, a Limited B with the bonus DVD of Japanese music videos, a Regular CD only edition, and a special Lawson’s edition that is combines the Regular edition with bonus carry-out bag and towel.Also included on each edition is a bonus 11th track cover or Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”.

Source: 2NE1 Facebook Page