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Seo Jang Hoon Picks Park Bom and Hyorin as His Ideal Type, “What Do They Have in Common?”


Seo Jang Hoon picked 2NE1’s Park Bom and Sistar’s Lee Hyorin as his ideal type.

On the 19th,  Seo Jang Hoon who’s active in the new variety program ‘Four Sons And One Daughter’‘s interview has been unveiled on MBC Section TV.

When he was asked who’s his favorite girlgroup, he replied “I like 2NE1’s Park Bom and Sistar’s Hyorin”. Reporter Park Seul Gi then said “Seems like you like glaorous style” which made Seo Jang Hoon blush.

Also, when he was questioned about who is the girl member that he wants to film with on Four sons, One daughter, he persistently send a love call to those two which evoked laughter. Seo Jang Hoon also chose Kim Gura as the one who fits perfectly for the show.

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G-dragon and Park Bom Wears Stylish “Eye Printed Clothes”


Bigbang’s G-dragon and 2NE1’s Park Bom captured netizen’s attention with similar print of clothes.

Recently, they wore eye-shaped printed clothes in the airport and movie premiere,showing off their unique fashion style.

Earlier, the attendance of G-dragon in VIP Alumni movie premiere  became a spotlight after he took off his black coat and revealed the eye-shape printed clothes. He was in a completely funky style wearing black hat with matching stripes tshirt, white loafer and denim pants.

Meanwhile, Park Bom gave a different atmosphere by matching up the clothes with eye-shaped prints with a zip up jumper. On November 20th, at Incheon Airport, Park Bom wore the eye-shape printed clothes with mini skirt matched with black outwear, showing off a stylish airport fashion.

The netizens who saw this commented, “the eye-shaped prints one the clothes are surely strong”, “I thought they were couple”, “ they’re fashionistas after all”.

Source: Nate

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Park Bom’s Doll-Like Eyes in “Missing you” MV Draws Attention


On 20th, girl group 2NE1 released their newest MV  “Missing You” which showed the nudity of CL along with Park Bom’s appearence which drew attentions.

In the music video, Park Bom expressed a woman with sadness of parting look. Park Bom’s doll-like appearance is outstanding.

According to YG entertainment, “CL’s nude scene shows off outer beauty of a woman  and herinner sorrow rather than showing  sexiness”.

“Missing You” was composed by YG’s main producer, Teddy. The bass effect and the piano was the main spindle of the music.

Park Bom in “Missing You” MV touched the netizens so they commented, “Park Bom surely looks like a doll in Missing You MV” , “Park Bom’s body is stunning in Missing You MV” , “Park Bom’s acting skill is pretty good” and gave off many more positive responses.

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2NE1 – “Missing You” MV, CL’s Nudity vs Park Bom’s Sexy Figure


Girl group 2NE1’s new MV “Missing You” became a topic.

On 21st, 2NE1’s agency YG Entertainment unveiled “Missing You” digital track and music video.

Especially, the music video exposed a shocking scene of CL’s naked body with captured the attention of music fans. Park Bom also showed off her doll-like figure through a see-through  outfit boasting her glamorous  body which caught the hearts of male fans.

According to YG entertainment, “CL’s nude scene shows a woman’s outer beauty and inner sorrow rather than showing a sexy look. It’s a mystic scene and it looks like a beautiful work of art”, he said.

Meanwhile, after  2NE1’s performance on MAMA, “Missing You” activities is expected to unfold.

Source: Nate

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2NE1’s “Surprise Announcenent”, New Single This Month + World Tour in 2014


Girl group 2NE1 reveals their new song and future plans.

On 18th, according to YG Entertainment , 2NE1 will hold a world tour this year after their new upcoming song ‘Missing You’ release on 21th.

The exciting moment in the press conference was when Park Bom said “We will hold a world tour which will be starts in March 2014 in Korea and then continue with China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and many more. 2NE1 plans to meet all the overseas fans.”

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Park Bom’s Certification Shot in London, “A Queen of Dazzling Backside Legs”


2NE1‘s member, Park Bom released one of her photos in London.

On 7th, girlgroup 2NE1’s Park Bom tweeted, ‘’My Last Night in London’’ with the picture attached to it. In the picture, park bom strike a pose with london street as a background. She’s wearing her invisible hotpants and gained many admirations from her luxurious showed long legs.

Earlier, Park Bom showed off her superior beautiful legs through plain fashion or stage costume. As her backside picture in London become a topic, her past picture also gained an attention.

Netizen’s response with “Park Bom in London street is an all kill” , “I wanna switch my body with her” , “Park Bom London picture, just as a pictorial” , “Beautiful woman’s backside” and more showing a variety responses.

Meanwhile, on 5th (local time) 2NE1 had their concert at the opening “KBEE 2013” (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo) in Old Billingsgate London, UK.

Source: Naver