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Project #9 Update ”Spring Has Bloomed” (2015)


Good day Blackjacks! After more than a year, we are finally able to post up last year’s birthday project—which upon request of YG Entertainment wasn’t allowed to be published. The project was an incredible success, despite last minute miss-communications with YG Entertainment, that decided last minute they wouldn’t accept the gifts due to reasons.

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Project #8 Update ”31 Flavours Of Park Bom” (2014)


It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now! Finally, after quite a while we are ready to wrap up this project (Joint with @ukYGqueens) — which actually was finished in 2014, but due to some issues we couldn’t exactly publish it, so now after a long wait we are here to enlighten fans on the goodies we pampered Bom with!

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[PROJECT #13] LoveLettersToBOM (Part Of Our Birthday Project)

loveletterswp post

Dear Blackjacks/Bombshells, once again we ask everyone to gather and write a short sweet message to our Park Bom!  ‘’Love Letters to Bom’’ is part of our Birthday Support project—which is almost finished—we are wrapping up gifts and are almost ready to send hence why we came up with this little last minute side project.


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[MYSTERY PROJECT] WELOVEBOM x TSUYA NAIL (Bom’s Handwritten Message Included!)

wlbxtsuyanail (3)

That’s right! Does everyone still remember the announcement of a mystery project which has been kept hushed over the weeks?

No it wasn’t the special songs we had prepared– it was our special collaboration with ”Tsuya_Nail”— the place Bom always goes to get her nails done! Remember today‘s update of Bom’s new gorgeous set of nails? It was all provided by yours truly, WeLoveBom! Ofcourse all thanks to the fans that supported it and our staff that generously donated for this side project.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] The Official Trending Hashtag for Bom’s Birthday #/AlwaysYou박봄


Good day Blackjacks/Bombshells!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now! That’s right, Lady Spring‘s birthday is literally right around the corner, which means its party time on Twitter! The yearly celebration when all fans unite and join along in trending for Bom— with one goal in mind– trending #1 worldwide!

Of course the actual main goal is for Bom to see all the love and support, so why not hit two birds with one stone?

Now we know that a lot of fans have been questioning our methods, we regularly check our mentions, but we have decided that rather than voting with several suggested hashtags, it would be better to decide one hashtag rather than one that is voted by many but half of the fandom disagrees for example.

Now we know it was risky, and you might as well ask, ‘‘But what if half of the fandom doesn’t like the one chosen by WLB?”, but WeLoveBom & theBOM have decided to use this hashtag since it holds a very deep meaning between fans & Bom.

”#AlwaysYou박봄” is a hashtag we would like to use on Bom’s birthday simply because– it always has to be Bom.

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