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B.A.P’s Yongguk Picks 2NE1 as the Group He Wants To Produce For at a Fansign

BjLCIFwIUAAj14GYongguk was basically asked who he would produce a song for and he answered 2NE1.

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Oh Chang Suk- 2NE1’s Park Bom, One of the Memorable Celebs He’s Seen While Shooting

On April 13th, Oh Chang-Suk sat for an interview with Daily Star where he shared his memorable moments with celebs.

2NE1’s Park Bom, Lee Min-Jeong, those are popular female stars I’ve seen several times while shooting, but the most memorable without hesitation was ”Song Hye-Gyo” he shared.

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Souce: Star News

Translated by: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


Note: Oh Chang Suk is a Korean Actor who played in drama’s such as ”Love, My Love” ”The World That They Live In” & ”Athena: Goddess of War”.

+ He probably means he saw Park Bom maybe shooting next to the area he was shooting in like probably commercial shoots etc.

2NE1 Helped Lee Wan Get through the Military

Lee Wan revealed that 2NE1 helped him get through his military duties.

Lee Wan, who had enlisted on June 12, 2010, was released from the Military of Defense’s Defense Media Agency on April 23.

After announcing his release, he was asked about his favorite girl group from the press, and answered, “I thought about it because I thought you would ask me this question, and I liked 2NE1. I had a picture of them put up on my locker. I like Park Bom the best.”

“Park Bom helped me get through my military duties. I hope we can greet each other nicely if we get to meet on broadcasts,” he added.

Lee Wan debuted as an actor through SBS’ Stairway to Heaven. He continued to star in such pieces as KBS2’s In Soon is Pretty, SBS’ Swallow the Sun and the film Boys Don’t Cry, and is also well known as actress Kim Tae Hee’s little brother.